Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Do You Homeschool?

Hello my dear oilfield wives. Today I come to you with a question. Surely some of you have advice or experience you can share with me……

I think I might be ready to take the leap into homeschooling with my 9 year-old son.


I have a couple of friends who homeschool, one who successfully homeschooled her oldest all the way through high school and he is now a Marine. Her youngest is about the same age as my son and thriving in homeschool as well.

So I’ve been researching and instead of having a hard time finding information, I am finding too much information! My brain is on overload and I’m feeling quite a bit overwhelmed! Luckily my friend gave me a bit of good advice that brought me back down from the ledge….

Do it at the end of the 6 weeks! It will make Christmas so relaxing! DO NOT PLAN to start immediately in January! Give both of you time to breathe! Make books, crafts, games, nature, and things he loves available and watch him for a few weeks. You’ll be surprised to see the things he will learn just by being free to be!

How many of you homeschool? What do you think of it, even if you don’t homeschool? There are definitely some stereotypes out there! If you do homeschool, why did you make that choice? Do you have any advice to offer?



  1. My husbands family home schools and I’ve seen great results! I’ve already started a few things with my 18 month old and she is learning her alphabet and can count to 3 all before she can really even talk! I love homeschooling. You will not have to worry about your child picking up things from other children at school such as colds or bad attitudes plus you have the opportunity to instill your beliefs and way of life in your child. You can teach them not only academics but about life, money, and love!

  2. We home schooled our two sons all the way through. They are both in college now. One of the best decisions we ever made. We had the freedom to work our schedule around the time their dad was home. We also had the freedom to immerse each one in any subject they were particularly interested in. The most important reason we home schooled was so our sons would be well grounded in our value system before they left to start their own lives. And that is exactly what happened. Don’t get me wrong; they are sinners just like everyone else and made plenty of mistakes BUT they always come back to the Biblical beliefs we instilled in them. Parents of kids in regular school can successfully do the same but they have to work MUCH harder to deprogram from the influence of peers as well as liberal public school values. Having uninterrupted time with their dad when he was home was so important to their healthy early development. Hope this helps.

    • Thank you so much for your words! The school my son currently attends is a very small, rural school, and although it is a public school, God is very much present there. I am excited about the prospect of giving both of my kids a strong foundation in love, family, and God, in addition to helping my son with his ‘canned’ education struggles! We are going to have to start a homeschooling board over on our ROW community!!!

  3. I have been homeschooling for 3 years. It has been great so when wanted or needed we can travel to see Doug. We started in public school and when our son came home from 4th grade and asked to be home schooled I took the leap. He was tired of the administration BS, not the teachers or the kids. And I was tired of the red tape of stuff to go through to get my son in AP classes. They wanted to put him in “special” classes cause he was always “getting in trouble” but after independent testing his IQ and abilities were at least 2-3 grade levels above his current and he was just bored. When talking with his current teacher, who is a close friend, she showed me that he had to pass a series of tests for the “no child left behind” program. It truly is a grade level or two below current grade. I was stunned. Home schooling has allowed more freedom for our busy lives. Plus Nick is involved in soccer, boy scouts, 4H, and a co-op. So socializing is not an issue. Friends are not an issue. And he can work as fast as he wants on subjects or we can break when we want and have field trips galore with no red tape or permission slips. I do run my own business and sometimes it does get hectic but I wouldn’t trade it for public school.

    • Amber, thanks for your input! My son is always ‘getting into trouble’ too, and I know it’s because he’s bored. They’ve already bumped him up a grade level in math, but they don’t want to promote him an entire grade because they think he’s lacking in the maturity department. Homeschooling would give us the freedom to obsess about certain topics he really enjoys, and quickly get through things that aren’t as interesting…..

  4. I am now homeschooling my two daughters, ages 15&6, and they are doing well, I love it as well, I am a very hands on mom, and my husband teaches math and science on his down time at home ( he is a fracker) so I don’t feel I am alone, we also do the occasional homeschool group, we have a YMCA family membership, my girls are in twirling and compete in twirling competitions/pageants at least 4 times a year..I love that my eldest helps my youngest learn to read and add and subtract, it is a bond that they will never forget. Since we pulled them both from public school, their self esteem and manners have improved so much, they are much less defensive, way more open with people, and my girls can “socialize” with any peer group, not just their own. I am blessed also to live in Oklahoma, where our state constitution protects us to homeschool our children. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the drive, patience, and passion for it, because it takes all those things, every single day..good luck in your decision.

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