All I Want For Christmas Is Daddy

Dear SantaMy nine year old son has his school Christmas program tonight, and this year he’s playing in the starring role…the man in white…the hero! For months he’s had twice weekly play practice, we’ve been listening to his songs in the car (over and over and OMG over), and he’s been strumming his ukulele in preparation for the big premiere.

My husband won’t be able to make it this year. This will actually be the only program he’s ever missed. He busts his ass to make it to a lot of the important stuff, even if it means driving 5 hours to sit through a 1 hour show, and then turning around and to drive 5 hours back.

This year it’s impossible for him to be here, and my son is so sad – he understands why daddy can’t be here, but it doesn’t make it okay. My husband feels horrible, and I feel like I’m left here to pick up the pieces of a sad, little boy AND console my husband who is feeling major guilt.

To make matters even worse, my son wrote a letter to Santa last night.

Dear Santa,

One of the things I want for Christmas most is for my father to make it to the Christmas play.

Sincerely, BJ

So now he’s trying to get the jolly, fat guy in red involved. Yeah, I know it’s no small miracle that my nine year old still believes in Santa, and now this. How is Santa going to pull off the impossible?

This time even Santa can’t save the day, but mommy will step in with a bright smile, a tight hug, and a white handkerchief. And I’ll also have my camera flashing and my video camera rolling, and we’ll just have to have an encore showing tomorrow night when daddy gets home. Complete with popcorn and hot chocolate.

How do you help your kids understand why daddy can’t always be there? 


  1. The twins still believe, too. Justin wants to tell them, but I haven’t let him yet. I just can’t do it! ;p

    Sorry Brian can’t be there for BJ’s program tonight. 🙁 xo!

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