Whoa, {Stay-at-Home} Momma!

Whoa, {Stay-at-Home} Momma! @oilfieldwives #parenting #marriage #motherhood

I have worked without a major break for the last ten years. If I was in school I worked part time, otherwise, I’ve been a full time employee. Until now. With hubby’s income and the rising cost of child care, we have made the decision that I will be a stay at home mom until a) I can find a better paying job or b) one or both of the kids are in school.

Most people think that being a stay at home mom is so easy and that we do nothing but sit on the couch in our pjs all day. OK, I admit: I used to think this as well. Oh, and I do wear pjs if I’m not leaving the house. This stuff is all so new to me. What am I going to do to keep a toddler and infant entertained all day? When will I have time for myself?

How am I going to cope when hubby comes home and our normal routine goes to hell?

Honestly, that last question is my main worry. Hubby just came in yesterday for two weeks home and my routine is already shot (along with my nerves). I haven’t worked out in two days and it looks like a small nuclear bomb went off in my house. How is it that my three year old knows food wrappers go in the trash and dirty clothes in the washing machine, but my husband doesn’t? One of the wonders of the world I guess.

For now, I’m going to breathe and try not to snap at the kids or the wonderful man who makes possible my newfound stay at home mom-dom. I’m going to remind myself it’s okay if the toys aren’t picked up every evening and I miss a workout here and there. Right now, Hubby is home and I’m not a temporary single mom – my family is together. I’m also going to check out the pretty awesome collection of organizational tools and tips on the Real Oilfield Wives Pinterest page to help out. Maybe if I can keep things in their place, my sanity will stay in its place.

Jaimie is 25 years old, wife of almost five years to JR, and mother of two beautiful children: Ashley, 3 and Justin, 1 month. When not spending time with her family, and watching movies based on Jane Austen novels, she finds new ways to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Jaimie lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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Melissa is the Founder of ROW and has been an oilfield wife for 14 years. She has been married to a wonderful man forever and is mother to six amazing children (17,14, 10, 10 and 2 and a foster baby!). Melissa knows the struggles that come along with the oilfield life. When Melissa isn't helping her little girl battle her brain tumors (Love for Jazmine Joy), she loves to travel, laugh, tend to her chickens, and dream of sunshine and mountains.


  1. Jaimie, I just love this post from you, and what a small world! My hubby and I met in Fayetteville. I graduated from high school there, actually. At the time, my dad was in the Army, as was my (now) driller. My younger sister and her hubby still make their home in NC. 🙂 Welcome, my fellow new ROW writer!

  2. Okay Jaimie, this is how I always look at the “mess” my husband seems to bring home with him….First, on a rig they stay in a bunkhouse or in a motel, therefore no one cares whether or not they pick up after themselves (clothes, boots, etc.) because in reality its all leaving with them when they go. Second, I see it as something to keep me and my girls busy in the week after he leaves again (keeping our minds off the fact that he’s gone again). It does get easier to deal with as your children get older. My hubby went on his first long stent when my oldest girls were 2 & 9 months, he was out 28 days. Now our older ones are 7 & almost 5 and the baby is almost 2 so two of them are in school all day and when they come home help pick up, cook dinner, watch their little sister, etc. The key to making it as an oilfield wife and mom is time for yourself as well as you AND your hubby as a couple. Roughnecks make good $$$, use that to your advantage. Hire a sitter a couple days a week for mommy time. Then get a family member or sitter at least a couple nights that he’s home to reunite as a couple. AND of course (here comes my downfall lol) communicate as much as possible. Let him know how you feel, try to talk every night if you can even if its just a 5 minute phone call.

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