You Know You Are a Real Oilfield Wife When…

You Know You Are a Real Oilfield Wife When.... @oilfieldwives #bakken #oil #gas

You Know You Are a Real Oilfield Wife When…

You have to blow dust off your razor the day before your husband is due home… it’s been THAT long since you shaved your legs. In North Dakota and Canada, we also keep the leg hair long for warmth during the long winters. Right?

You go day after day with no interaction with other adults.

Your laundry pile is comparable to Mt. Everest.


You have your calendar planned out in “days on” and “days off”. Which doesn’t really matter, because you end up with big squiggly sharpie lines when your husband’s schedule changes or he starts work with a different company.

You vent on Facebook because you have no other friends that can relate to the lifestyle. Or you start a website devoted to oilfield wives.

You dress up as a roughneck for Halloween.


75% of your wardrobe consists of apparel with various oilfield logos. 99.9% of your husband’s wardrobe sports oilfield logos.

You sleep with a handgun next to your bed.

You know that a doghouse does not refer to that little building in your backyard where your animals hang out. Well, wait. I guess animals do hang out in the doghouse on location, too.


Your husband can’t wait to get home and you can’t wait to LEAVE THE HOUSE.

You get pissed off when you hear people blaming “the oilfield” for every crime or problem in your area.

Your husband has 1,038 different hats in all styles, but each one is from a different oilfield company. And they all sit collecting dust. Or even better, he will wear one, a different one the next day, a different one the next day and leave them laying all over the house.

You know how to fix things or do “man” jobs, but pretend like you don’t when he is home, because let’s face it. Sometimes it’s nice to not HAVE to do them yourself.

You spend most holidays either sans husband, in a hotel, or in a rig shack. Bonus points if you fit two adults, five kids, two dogs or more in a one-bedroom trailer.

Now it’s your turn… Fill in the blank! You Know You Are a Real Oilfield Wife When ___________.

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About melissa

Melissa is the Founder of ROW and has been an oilfield wife for 14 years. She has been married to a wonderful man forever and is mother to six amazing children (17,14, 10, 10 and 2 and a foster baby!). Melissa knows the struggles that come along with the oilfield life. When Melissa isn't helping her little girl battle her brain tumors (Love for Jazmine Joy), she loves to travel, laugh, tend to her chickens, and dream of sunshine and mountains.


  1. Sostraightup says:

    You know, without those good wives at home, a lot of us would find it very hard to do what we do. Cheers to the real oilfield wives & kick the phoney ones out of your life before it’s too late 🙂

  2. … Your new neighbor/co-worker/acquaintance/bartender thinks your wedding ring is a fake because they’ve never actually seen your husband. 🙂 hahaha.

    • Haha! No kidding!

    • Breanne says:

      OMG! I totally had this happen to me! My mom’s neighbor told me she thought I made my husband up because she’s never seen him in two years (she thought I didn’t want to face the “shame” of being a single mother with four kids.). She later realized she went to high school with his cousins.

  3. Sandi Gibbons says:

    …The phone ringing in the middle of the night no longer wakes you up.
    …Even though your husband makes 6 figures, you live in a nice house, drive nice vehicles, wear nice clothes, are clean, and attend church your neighbors still think of you as white trash.

  4. when you know terms like nipple up, or trippin, or the dreaded fishin but they dont mean what they sound like to other people lol

  5. your a real oilfield wive when u no longer try to impress hubby with clean house cause its just gonna have a layer of dust on everything when he gets home anyway, and when u no longer need to change the sheets cause your used to the gas smell he leaves all over them when he falls asleep with his rig clothes on

  6. When it’s been so long that he’s had a day off that hearing the words “on call” make you excited 😀

  7. Breanna Clemons says:

    When you try to time getting pregnant around when hubby will be home… if your lucky.

  8. when you are lonely everyday until you see your husband 3 days a month 🙁

  9. All of the jokes you know are totally inappropriate because they came from the guys on the rig!

  10. ShanaLei says:

    When your fiance makes it home from a hitch on the very last day you can get get your marriage license before the wedding!

  11. When you have to hide your husband’s FR clothes on his days off and remind him that it is okay to wear normal clothes to dinner/out!

  12. Bel in tx says:

    So damn true

  13. Nancy Chaffin says:

    When you are actually excited to go on location so that you can spend some time with him.

  14. When you start to learn the acronyms they use.. L/D Dp.. POOH.. CSNG.. Etc..

  15. Wondering Rose says:

    You have shoveled (snow) the driveway and sidewalk more than your husband has and you get ticked off when he doesn’t use your method because his method screws up your method.

    Can definitely relate to people thinking I’m not really married.

    You need to see the doctor/dentist but have a hard time committing to an appointment because your husband doesn’t know when he will be home. (We have only one car and live in a rural town with no public transportation. If I can’t walk there when he is working that appointment isn’t going to happen no matter how many times you call me!)

    You know what pipe dope is and it is not as much fun as “regular” people think it is. I’m very familiar with the terms fishing and tripping and they aren’t fun either.

    Here in Northern PA I don’t shave my legs either unless I get a call saying “We got released and I’m on my way home”.

  16. …when you refer to a “Christmas tree” in the middle of summer

  17. Rachael Shirley says:

    When you plan your days around what time he will call. Even when it’s 2am, your body wakes up on its own. And when he says “don’t you remember we talked about that” and you really don’t because you were half asleep when you had the discussion. But none of that matters because you got to talk to him and hear his voice and know he is ok. And then you can scratch another day off of the countdown.

  18. When you don’t mind cleaning the oil ring around the tub because your just happy they are home and safe. And always keep the blue dawn dish soap in the shower and on the bathroom sink.

  19. Jamie Lynn Sievers says:

    … your 1yr old refers to your phone as daddy.

    … you try to delay labor so he can get there in time.
    … you sometime miss the smell of invert and diesel.
    … you hate the smell of invert and diesel.

  20. Candice says:

    You find yourself using unladylike ‘patch’ terms. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, except most people around you don’t have the same sense of humour our oil men do.

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