Don’t Make Me Call Your Father!

Don't Make Me Call Your Father! #oilfield #wives #parentingIf you’re an oilfield wife with kids, I’m almost certain you’ve had to resort to ‘Daddy threats’. Why are kids so fearful of their father’s wrath? Especially when daddy is out in the field? I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked…..told…. screamed at my kids to do their homework….take out the trash…..feed the dog, only to get blank stairs and no forward motion whatsoever. BUT, as soon as I utter the words don’t make me call your father, their glossy eyes bug out and they scramble like a cat with it’s tail on fire.

Case in point. This was our last evening:

Me: BJ, get your homework out of your backpack and get to work.

BJ: MooooOOOOOOmmmm. *eye roll*

Me: BJ, do it now.

BJ: *blank stare/glossy eyes/no movement*

Me: *grabs phone* Don’t make me call your father!

BJ: No!!! I’m doing it, I’m getting it out right now. I promise!!!


Most times, I don’t make the call. Yeah, I might push a few buttons to make them *think* I’m dialing, but I’m really not. Most times, that’s more than enough. But there are times that I do have to make the call. It’s aggravating for me because I feel like I can’t control the situation, and command no respect from my kids. And I always feel guilty because my husband is so far away, and I don’t want to burden him. But then I have to remember, that he is their father, and wants to be involved in day to day life too. And that includes discipline.

WHY is it that even the mention of daddy, who is 325 miles away, sets them shaking in their boots and and rushing to do what I asked? Do you go through this too?






  1. This is one thing we are different on! I am more of the disciplinarian in my family… it’s very rare that Justin even gets involved while he is gone. I have my MEAN MOMMY VOICE that scares them into listening. Sometimes. ;p

  2. I like to think it’s because they missed him as much as I did and didn’t want him to know they weren’t “being the good kids and listening to their Mom” like He told them to do. On the Brightside they are now all grown up and Adults we are both very proud of.

  3. Oh honey. It ain’t just with kids. My hubby and I have 2 dogs, Grace belongs to him heart and soul even though I got her a full 3 months before he and I even started dating. Judge on the other hand is all momma’s boy. I can be telling grace to come inside, go outside, go lay down or whatever and she will blatantly ignore me, but I can call and put Maurice on speaker phone and its a totally different dog. She will even lie down for him on the phone but won’t sit for me and a piece of cheese.

    I can only imagine what kids will be like.

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