Oil and Gas, Lose that Ass!


Lose that Ass! Lose Weight, Win Money. Four-week weight loss challenge. Shed the pounds, fill your wallet! #dietbet realoilfieldwives.com

Oil and Gas, Lose that Ass!

Yup. You heard that right! Have a little pudge to lose? Looking for motivation? Want to win money for losing weight? You’re in luck! Real Oilfield Wives is teaming up with DietBet for a 4-week weight loss challenge. The challenge? Lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. If you do, you win money. Simple as that.

How much money? Well, that depends on the final pot. The bigger the pot, the more money you will win. After you sign up, make sure you invite all your friends and family to join in the fun. And then tell them to invite their friends!

So, let’s recap…

You bet $30. You lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days. You split the pot with the other winners!

Who can join? This game is tailored to our kick-ass oil and gas community, but you can invite your bff, your husband, the derrickhand,  your grandma, the toolpusher’s wife,  whoever! The more people who join, the more the pot grows, and the more you can win as you shed the pounds! Ka-CHING!

When does the game start? Friday, February 1st. That means you need to sign up soon! You snooze, you lose! Not the kind of losing that we have in mind, though! Sign up! Lose the pounds!

More questions? The DietBet 411 can be found here.  There’s even a free app!

Are you ready to commit to drilling those extra pounds into the ground? I am. Game ON!

Referral Bonus Contest!

We are giving away a $50 Amazon.com gift card to the person who brings in the most challengers to our DietBet game! Winner will be notified the first week after the challenge begins.


Join the DietBet challenge by clicking here!

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  1. I paid via pay pal. But it’s not showing on the bet board. An I doing something wrong?

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