Hot Shots: The Oilfield Exposed

Hot Shots: The Oilfield Exposed #photos #photography #oilandgas #yourphotos

Hot Shots: The Oilfield Exposed.

Oilfield wives. Drilling Rigs. Oilfield Fails. Funny cartoons. Your Oilfield Men. Your photos… We want to see them!

Christy and I have been working our asses off behind-the-scenes to bring you an awesome new site devoted to YOUR PHOTOS! That’s right! YOU! We know you have a stash of photos that you have been just waiting to share with your fellow oilfield community, and now’s your chance! We’re exposing the oilfield –through your eyes!

That shot of Rocky Raccoon in the doghouse? We want to see it!


Did you capture a beautiful sunset accentuating a derrick in the distance? Show us!


Find a funny oilfield cartoon that made you spit out your cheerios or pee yourself? We want to laugh, too!


Your kids in hard hats? Spread the cute!


I think you get the idea, right? We want to see your best hot shots! Unless it’s porn, you can just keep those to yourself, m’kay? Head on over to Hot Shots, submit your photos, and have fun looking at everyone else’s pics! Photos will be featured on the home page upon approval and possibly even on our Facebook page! I’m so excited! Let’s get this party started!



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