13 Reasons Why I Love My Oilfield Man

13 Reasons I Love My Oilfield Man @oilfieldwives #valentines #love

Thirteen years ago, in a little chapel in Las Vegas, there was a young couple saying their “I dos” in front of a a man by the name of George Cottonwood, with no one else around other than a guy with a camera. They posed for the obligatory photos included in their wedding package, then hit the McDonald’s drive through on the strip on the way back to their hotel. Upon their arrival, the groom promptly fell asleep. He may or may not have had a few too many glasses of wine while waiting for his bride to get ready. You may find it hard to believe, but some people doubted this marriage would last.

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We have our times when we want to kill each other, sure, but we work through it, as we always have. Our entire marriage {minus the first four months} has been an oilfield marriage. We’ve literally spent years apart from each other. Thirteen years after our wedding day in Vegas, we are still going strong.

In honor of our 13th anniversary, I bring to you…

13 Reasons Why I Love My Oilfield Man

He makes me laugh. Even when I’m totally pissed off, he can make the stupidest faces and say moronic things and I can’t help but laugh at him. Then I get mad that I’m laughing when I’m mad.

He works hard. Damn hard. And he is good at what he does!

He is an awesome, hands-on father. We have four kids and a foster baby, and he is so good with all of them. He changes diapers {when I make him}, teaches the boys football, plays games, goes to activities, and makes up for all the daily grind that he misses while he is away at work.

He is a fantastic cook, which is a godsend, because cooking is NOT my favorite thing to do. It ranks way down there with dishes and cleaning toilets, actually. His food is awesome {minus his red chili, sorry hon}. Don’t even tell me that your husband is the best cook, because my guy claims the title.

He spoils me. I have a nice house, a brand-new vehicle, and pretty much anything I could ever ask for.

He is my best friend.

He gets along amazingly with my father, who is pretty much my other best friend.

He is the best stickle-back-rubber in the world. His hands make me melt.

He jumps into my harebrained ideas right along with me. In the past year, he has built me a recycling center for my recycling obsession and a chicken coop for my ladies, and then spent all summer putting up a fence around the coop so they could have lots of room to roam. All for my three hens that he gave me for mother’s day. He didn’t think they would live past a week. Hah!

He is fun! He shares my love of travel and adventures.

He takes my car through the car wash for me, because he knows I have a phobia of driving into car washes. Yeah. I know. Shuddup.

He is highly competitive. There is no “letting me win.” Whether it be playing darts, boardgames, or guitar hero, he is in it to win it. Even though I always win.

He lets me be myself. No matter how difficult I may be at times.

I love you, Jdogg! Happy Anniversary!

Now it’s your turn! Tell us why YOU love YOUR oilfield man {or wife}!

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Melissa is the Founder of ROW and has been an oilfield wife for 14 years. She has been married to a wonderful man forever and is mother to six amazing children (17,14, 10, 10 and 2 and a foster baby!). Melissa knows the struggles that come along with the oilfield life. When Melissa isn't helping her little girl battle her brain tumors (Love for Jazmine Joy), she loves to travel, laugh, tend to her chickens, and dream of sunshine and mountains.


  1. Happy anniversary Jdogg and Lissa! I love you both like family!!! xoxoxo (p.s. All the best marriages start off in Vegas! We are 2 weeks away from 10 years!)

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