The Care and Keeping of Your Oilfield Home {Part 3 of 4}

The Care and Keeping of Your Oilfield Home #household #cleaning @oilfieldwives

Is this series making you yawn yet? Well, maybe it is. But seriously girls — this stuff is important. And today’s super-important post is about paper. Not the fun, pretty kind. The boring kind. The boring kind that keeps your lives running as smoothly as possible, though. Should (heaven forbid) something happen to you or your oilfield man, hopefully the following list will keep whoever has to deal with it from pulling out their hair.

  • Consider keeping extra keys for your home and vehicles in a safe deposit box
  • Keep the following in a fireproof safe: Vehicle titles, court orders to do with your children, marriage license and/or divorce decree, tax records (it is recommended you have these on hand for 7 years from the file date), birth certificates and/or adoption papers, school records, citizenship or naturalization papers, passports, social security cards for each person in your family
  • However your family deals with medical coverage, make sure you have the details outlined, and kept in a safe place
  • Make sure both spouses have a will, whether joint or separate

Though this all reads short and simply, it can take a little bit of time to achieve. Take that time; make no mistake: organizing legal and personal documents can save your spouse or loved ones time and energy, in the event of a serious emergency. As oilfield wives, we need to be prepared for anything!

How do you store and organize your family’s crucial documents? Share with us in the comments below, or tag Real Oilfield Wives on Pinterest!

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