I Just Want to Sleep!

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As I’m writing this, I have already had one cup of coffee and sorely need another. My eyes are heavy and I probably look like death warmed over. I have insomnia to thank for the lovely bags under my eyes and the complete inability to get just about anything done during the day. Oh, and my three-year old just said, “Mommy, your hair looks crazy.” Lovely…

When Hubby is home, I sleep like a baby. By 10 pm I’m yawning and ready for bed. When Hubby leaves, my body decides I should stay awake until 1 a.m.  or later. Every. Single. Night. Adding on to the fun, my 5 month old is cutting teeth while we both recover from a cold. (The joys of being an oilfield wife and mom, amiright?) I’m exhausted all day only to be wide awake once the kids get to sleep.

Y’all, I’ve tried everything from meditation, drinking Sleepy Time Tea (I’ve found that I am NOT a hot tea kind of gal), to stretching before bed. I’ve even tried some balm that you rub on your temples. For some strange reason, only reading puts me to sleep. The only problem with that is that I love reading! Why is it the one thing I get to do for myself ends up knocking me out? Ugh…

I’ve seen this problem mentioned by several OFW’s in the past, so I decided to research some methods to help us all get our beauty sleep. Here is what I found:

1) Hot Tea– While it may not work for me, I have heard lots of women (and men!) talk about how Sleepy Time Tea helps them. I just can’t get past the taste.

2) Avoid Naps– Say what? That 30 minute cat nap I catch while Ashley watches Doc McStuffins is how I get through the day. According to helpguide.org, ” Napping during the day can make it more difficult to sleep at night. If you feel like you have to take a nap, limit it to 30 minutes before 3 p.m.” Well crap. There goes my after-dinner snooze.

3) Keep your bedroom dark, quiet, and cool– Yes, yes, and yes. Much to the annoyance of my husband, the fan stays on year round. I sleep better when my room is as dark as a cave and feels like Alaska in winter.

4) No caffeine 8 hours before bed time– The person who wrote this obviously didn’t have deadlines and small children to take care of.

5)Exercise– When I actually get the chance to work out, I find that I do sleep better. Try not to exercise close to bedtime as that kind of defeats the purpose.

What tried and true tips do you have for us insomniacs? Do you know of a flavor of hot tea that I might actually enjoy? Leave a comment or send me a tweet @Ofwjaimie.

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Jaimie is 26 years old, wife of five years to JR, and mother of two beautiful children: Ashley, 4 and Justin, 1. When not spending time with her family, and watching movies based on Jane Austen novels, she finds new ways to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Jaimie lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Follow Jaimie on Twitter or on her blog, Education of an Oilfield Wife!

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