Sweet Summertime


I don’t know about your corner of the world, but it seems that spring was painfully short here in North Carolina and that we have been thrust right into summer. The colleges and universities have already let out for the academic year with public schools not far behind. Pretty soon, lots of frazzled mommas will be wondering what in the world they are going to do to entertain their stir-crazy children. Don’t fret! One of the great things about Summer is that there are so many options to keep the kids busy. Here are a few that I’ve come up with:

Vacation (or Staycation)- We actually leave Thursday for our vacation to Louisiana and then we have a trip to a local lake planned for next month. Can’t afford to go far? Then how about a “Staycation”? Try mapping out local parks, pools, and museums. Maybe there is a camp site within a few hours drive of your house! We are lucky enough to be close to a state park and Myrtle Beach.

Vacation Bible School– I’ve already started seeing signs for VBS programs at several of our area churches. It doesn’t matter (or shouldn’t, anyway) if you aren’t a member of a church. I know most churches love to have non-members come for VBS because it could lead to more people joining the church.

Camps and Programs- When I was a kid, my mom always enrolled me in the 4-H programs. I loved getting the listing of summer programs and seeing which ones I would join. I learned etiquette, sewing (that didn’t stick at all), and so much more. It wasn’t as expensive as a weeks long summer camp, but I had lots of fun. There was also Millstone, the local 4-H camp. Sleep-away camp wasn’t an option for me (I got homesick really easily), but the day camp programs were awesome. (Especially learning how to play the recorder. Made a bunch of 8 year old kids feel like rock stars!)

Crafts/lessons–Browse Pinterest as much as I do? (I hope not. I really hope you have bigger plans for your day.) If so, I’m sure you’ve seen the crafty things for kids. Pick a few and try them out. There is also a very neat program from Thriving Family called “Around the World in 60 Days”. This is a great way to learn about foreign lands and cultures while using the bible. You can go to their website and learn about the program and print out the materials needed.

Summer reading clubs- The former library worker in me would be remiss if I didn’t mention the summer reading program at your local library. Our county has prizes for all age groups as well as fun story times and programs for children and teens. Check it out! (Heh. Check it out. I crack my self up.) (Yes, I know. Library humor isn’t funny to everyone.)

What fun things to you do to keep your family active and entertained during the summer months? Comment below or send me a tweet @Ofwjaimie.

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