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Friends, I am very sad right now. I’ve actually been sad for the last week and  a half. My iPhone managed to take a swim and I feel like I’ve lost one of my appendages. OK, OK! I’m exaggerating. I do feel like something is missing though. Maybe it’s the fact that my face isn’t staring at a phone during every spare moment or that I’m not playing with an app when I’m bored. Sadly, I think my 4 year old daughter misses my phone more than I do. (Hey, a girl has to have her Jake and the Neverland Pirates fix at least once daily.) A friend was gracious enough to lend me an older model BlackBerry so while I may have a smart phone, it’s not as fun as my iPhone.

While I do miss my phone (have I mentioned how much I miss it?), I’ve found that some good has come out of the situation:

1) I spend more time playing with my kids than with a touchscreen.

2) I actually read books more than my Facebook news feed.

3) Stuff around the house gets done rather quickly. (Laundry anyone?)

4) There is actually new stuff on Facebook when I log on. (You can only refresh the app so many times before it’s the same old status updates.)

Our contract is up for renewal next month and I have the option of getting a new phone. While I’m excited to get another (fun) smart phone, I’ve realized that I don’t want to become addicted to it. In today’s world, nothing is done without electronics. I mean, you read ROW on your computer/tablet/phone instead of in a newspaper, right? (Can you even remember the last time you read a newspaper? Online versions don’t count!) When is the last time you sent someone a letter via snail mail and not email? Or actually watched the news on TV? I know it’s great for communication while our oilfield men are at work, but has anyone noticed a problem when he is home? I’m just as bad as Hubby about pulling my phone out during dinner!

I think technology is a great thing, I really do. I just think this girl needs to become less dependent on it.

How do you unplug from technology in your life? What tech devices could you not live without? Do you prefer Samsung or Apple? Leave a comment here or send a tweet to @Ofwjaimie.

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