Adjustment Period


When I became a stay-at-home mom in January, I understood that there would be an “adjustment period.” I was used to working a full-time job and then trying to take care of everything else when I got home. I thought, “I’ve got this. This will be easy.”

I just have one question; When is this adjustment period over? OK, maybe two questions. Will it ever get any easier?

I realized today that I’m no where near the domestic diva I thought I’d be at this point. I still don’t cook anything special while Hubby is on a hitch, I still put off my homework until the last possible minute, and I’m still trying to find time to actually take care of my self. (My bed just calls so lovingly for me at night that I skip working out.)

I always get up in the morning with a plan of attack, a to-do list, and an attitude of “I can do this!” By the end of the day, I feel defeated. The sink that I had managed to empty in the morning is now filled with more dishes. The laundry I had just finished has suddenly reappeared. That assignment I swore I would get done before the day it was due is now a day past due.

Where did all of my time go? Oh, wait. I had to take care of two kids and three dogs. There were bottles to make, diapers to change, and mouths to feed. There were boo-boo’s to kiss and memories to be made. And why did no one warn me that simple trips to the store would take twice as long with two kids in tow?

80% of the time, I’m probably a frazzled mess. I think I even scared some Jehovah’s Witnesses who came to the door the other day. (That’s what you get when you knock on my door at 10 a.m.) The other 20% of the time, I take a step back and remember that it’s OK to have a messy house and to be a little stressed. My homework (usually) gets turned in on time and school will be over in less than a year anyway. By then, I’ll be back to work and won’t have this precious time with the kids.

Some women may have adjusted better than I have and that’s OK. I’m still working on being  the best mom and wife I can be, but I’m also learning that mistakes are a part of the lifestyle and staying in pajamas until well after lunch doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.

I sure hope this adjustment period ends soon, though. This momma could use a good night’s sleep.

How did you adjust to a major change in lifestyle? Comment below or send me a tweet

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About Jaimie

Jaimie is 26 years old, wife of five years to JR, and mother of two beautiful children: Ashley, 4 and Justin, 1. When not spending time with her family, and watching movies based on Jane Austen novels, she finds new ways to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Jaimie lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Follow Jaimie on Twitter or on her blog, Education of an Oilfield Wife!


  1. Oh you just described me to a T! After over 20 years of working full time( sometimes 3 jobs at once) I found myself unemployed in March if this year. Hubby and I decided that since he is working in North Dakota that we could afford for me to stay home. My mental picture was sparkling clean house, delicious gourmet dinners every night, baked goodies for hubby to take back when he starts his hitches, beautifully landscaped yard, yadda yadda. So… 4 months later….not so much! I have 2 teenagers and am caring for a 3 year old granddaughter when her mother works as a CNA, so long, overnight shifts. I’m taking it one day at a time, doing what I can and not beating myself up on stuff I don’t get done. It will get there, maybe not EXACTLY as I originally pictured in my head…. But I am living that when my honey is home on days off….I get to be home with him, not stuck behind my desk at the bank 8+ hours a day!

  2. I’ve been doing this for YEARS and I am still the person you describe in the post! 😉

  3. Felicity McNelley says:

    Truthfully, I still can’t adjust! I have four kids, two of them under the age of 5 and it is a daily struggle to get anything done, and sometimes it is hard to even want to accomplish anything. My husband works out on the patch and that makes for very long days. I get stressed out and just as whiney as they are and by the end of the day I just want to curl up in my husband’s arms and go to sleep….but it doesn’t always work out that way. My house is messy, sometimes dinner is just mac n cheese and sometimes we all fall asleep watching a movie on the couch. The one thing I have started doing is focusing on the hobbies I love, photography and writing…and 4 kids makes for a LOT of ammunition in both categories.

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