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Since I am a working oilfield wife, our child is in both daycare and also attends a pre-school. When my husband is on his hitch, our daughter, Riley, goes to pre-school three mornings a week and the remainder of the days she goes to an in home daycare. When my husband is home, our daughter still goes to pre-school three mornings and week and then stays home with Daddy while I continue to work. People in the past have looked down on my husband and me for having to put our daughter in childcare, but I can honestly say after finding the “right fit” our daughter is happier, smarter, and more social than ever. I am in no way against keeping your child home or even home schooling for that matter, but having a child in a learning and social setting outside the home can be beneficial in so many ways.

First, putting our daughter in childcare has done wonders at keeping her in a routine. Pre-schools and daycares have a daily schedule they follow like anyone else, and having our daughter adjust to that consistency and then also implement it at home has really helped our whole family stay on track. Every day, even on weekends, our daughter wants to nap around the same time, because this is what she does at school. We never struggle with naps, almost as if her body has been trained, and in turn she rests well during the day and does not fight bedtime near as much. Another area in which childcare routines had benefitted our family, especially in our home, is with meal time. Our child expects meals and expects to sit and have her meal. Meals are about the same time every day so she is eating healthier and more balanced rather than running around snacking all day.

Next, childcare really does do wonders for the social skills of little people. I know every child is different, but now having a little one who is with teachers and other children so much I absolutely can tell the difference in a child that is in childcare and one that is not. I can take my daughter to the grocery store and she wants to say hello to everyone she sees, or even better she wants to compliment them and tell them something along the lines of “I think your earrings are pretty!” When I take our child to the dentist or even the doctor, she is not afraid instead she wants to smile and chit-chat. She has amazing manners and when she wants to, she speaks so well. One particular area, in which I still see where she can improve, is through her interactions with other children her age, but knowing she is a single child and only three, I know that will come.

Lastly and probably most importantly, the amount of education our daughter continues to receive through childcare outside of our home is priceless. At two, our daughter could sing “Twinkle Little Star” all by herself among many others, she could repeat all her ABC’s, and she could count to 20! At age three, our daughter knows all her colors, some of her shapes, and even is coloring in the lines, well most of them! I love my morning commute drive where Riley loves to point out animals and repeat their sounds. She knows and understands other life skills such as emotions, saying I’m sorry, picking up after herself, and sharing all of which we practice at home, but it is nice that she is actually applying this lessons in her everyday life with friends and teachers too.

The hardest part about being a working mom is leaving my child every morning. It doesn’t matter the time of year, day of the week, or even if she is in a great mood, it never gets any easier. When I hear her singing, watch her use her manners, or admire the collage of pre-school art work on my refrigerator I can’t help but smile and be one proud oilfield mommy.

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Becky and her family live in the beautiful town of Grand Junction, Colorado. She has been an OFW for almost three years, has a degree in Business Management, and works fulltime as a Digital Sales Manager for a local news station. She and her husband have one three year old daughter, Riley who is sweet, sassy, and even in heels and boas likes to pretend she is a dragon, that’s right ladies a dragon. In addition to work, Becky also volunteers on a fundraising committee for a local hospital, is a marketing chair member for a local not for profit, and helps pitch in at her daughters pre-school to raise funds. In her spare time (because she has SO MUCH of it) this OFW enjoys gardening, building projects on Shutterfly, cooking, golfing with her hubby, playing volleyball, and enjoying time on the lake with her family. Follow Becky on Pinterest and Instagram.

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