My Fall Favorites


I know the official start of Fall is still a week and a half away, but I just can’t help being excited. Here in North Carolina, the temperature at night is falling into the 60’s and my air conditioner isn’t kicking on every 5 minutes. Football has started (WOOT!) and, of course, Wal-Mart ¬†put out Fall/Halloween stuff a month ago.

I love Fall so much that I’ve put together a list of my ten favorite things about it:

1) Cooler weather- I am NOT a hot weather girl. Once temps go above 72 degrees, I’m usually over it. I hate sweating when the only physical exertion going on is walking from the house to the car. Thanks but, no thanks, Mother Nature.

2) Changing leaves- When I was little, my mom used to pack up the car and take my sister and me to the mountains of North Carolina every Autumn. Driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway and seeing the beautiful colors of the changing leaves is something I’ll always remember. If you ever get the chance to visit, take it!



FOOTBALL- There is no sport on earth that I love more than football. I don’t care if it’s high school, college (GEAUX TIGERS!), or professional (Steeler Nation, Baby!); I just want to be watching and yelling. It’s never quiet in our house when football is on.

4) Long sleeved T-Shirts- Most of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts. Hey, I’m a classy gal. I’m not sure why I love long-sleeved t-shirts so much, but I do.

5) Hoodies- Just like long-sleeved t-shirts, I have an irrational love of ¬†hoodies. I don’t even own an actual jacket, just my LSU hoodie. When the weather turns cool enough to demand something heavier than a long sleeved T, that’s when I’m at my happiest.



Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING- Pumpkin spice cupcakes, warm pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice coffee creamer, pumpkin spice candles… Basically, if pumpkin spice is involved, I will buy it.

7) Bonfires- It may be chilly but sitting around a bonfire with friends is just the thing to warm you up.

8) Holidays- Halloween, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving are some of my favorite holidays (and sometimes bulldozed by Christmas advertising). Not to mention, our youngest is a Thanksgiving baby!

9) Return of my favorite shows- Seeing Castle, Once Upon a Time, Justified, and countless others (I’m a bit of a TV junkie) return makes me so happy. Summer programming just doesn’t cut it.

10) Fall decor- I love, love, LOVE decorating with an Autumn theme. Pumpkins, leaves (fake, of course), the warm color palate, and other Fall-ish things will be all over our mantle soon. Our daughter especially loves her plastic light-up pumpkins in the shape of Mickey and Minnie mouse.

What is your favorite season and why? Tell me in the comment section or send me a tweet!

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