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I had originally planned to write this post about the fact that our family has recently passed our one year anniversary as an oilfield family and was going to enumerate all of the things that I had learned this year. However, after an incident here at the camper lot today I want to talk about something else. I’m not going to rehash the incident, but I just want to say that as oilfield wives, oilfield workers and oilfield families we are all together in this thing called the oilfield and as such we all need to remember to give each of our oilfield community members the respect and compassion that each one deserves.

While the perks of oilfield life can be numerous, this is often not an easy life. My plea to you today is to keep this in mind when interacting with other members of the oilfield community. Every one of us works hard whether we are in the field, holding down the fort at home or trying to keep it all together while living in a camper that is smaller than an efficiency apartment.

Keep in mind that everyone involved in the oilfield goes through rough times. We are often far away from home and missing home’s associated comforts or our spouse is away from home for an extended period of time and we are missing them like crazy. Remember that everyone is going through something in their life and be kind to one another.

Try your best to disengage from the gossip. I know this is hard, especially since many of are so close knit, or in the case of those living in camper lots and man camps, we are living right on top of each other. However, steering clear of the gossip can go a long way in helping to maintain your own peace of mind and helping your neighbor maintain theirs.

If you see your camper lot or man camp neighbor or other member of the oilfield community struggling, don’t judge them. Instead lend a hand or maybe just a sympathetic ear. A seemingly small act of kindness can mean the world to someone who is struggling.

If you need to vent visit the Real Oilfield Wives Facebook page, there are tons of folks there who’ve likely been in your situation. Or send me a tweet. I’d be more than happy to help or even just commiserate.

On second thought, I’m actually glad that I had the opportunity to write this post instead of the year in review post that I’d planned. It’s not been the easiest year, but all the things I’ve mentioned above are lessons that I’ve learned this past year and I wouldn’t trade those lessons for the world!


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Chelsea is mama to 4 year old Will and partner to her oilfield man and best friend of 16 years, Jacob. She splits her time between the family’s camper in the North Dakota Oil Patch and a small urban homestead in Kentucky. Chelsea writes about the family’s camper adventures at www.talesofanoilfieldgypsy.blogspot.com. She is a batik artist and loves teaching others about the art of batik at www.beautyofbatik.com. She can also be found working on her other sites www.chelseaniehaus.com and www.urbanagricultureinfo.com. In her moments of spare time she enjoys knitting, sewing and gardening.


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