Wholesome Halloween

Aviary Photo_130263757216998199Halloween is my least favorite holiday.  Although we are a Christian family I’m not necessarily  “anti” Halloween, but it’s just not really my thing either.   I’m not a fan of the witches and ghosts, or anything that’s scary or evil.  I prefer to focus more on celebrating fall….harvest, pumpkins, changing leaves, hot cider…and less on zombies, werewolves, and monsters.  I’m also not a big fan of candy.  Actually, I am a big fan of candy, which might be the real problem.  It’s really hard to leave those dang kitkats alone.

What I
do like about Halloween is letting the kids dress up.  That part is fun for them and for me.  We have our own little tradition, they chose what they want to be and I make their costumes.  This is always a good time –  first shopping for the materials and then figuring out how to design the costume, it really gets my creative juices flowing.  My repertoire includes a lady bug, a dalmatian, Davy Crockett, Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), Tinker Bell,  a wolf…..among others.  Each one has been a fun adventure.

When I was younger (before I had children) I went to a few Halloween parties and haunted houses, but now that my life revolves around kids I stick to wholesome, family-oriented activities.
Here’s a few that we do…

In Colorado we went to the pumpkin patch every year. It had a corn maze, petting zoo, hayride, corn cob cannon…..so fun!  I think there’s no better way to spend a beautiful fall day than at the pumpkin patch.  I love those memories.

And of course, following a trip to the pumpkin patch is jack-o-lantern carving.  What we usually do is let each kid design a face and then attempt to  carve their design into a pumpkin. I’m not aware of any pumpkin farms here in AK, so last year we bought our pumpkins at Walmart (which wasn’t nearly as fun as the pumpkin patch) but we still had fun carving.

I don’t care for door to door trick treating.  I don’t think it’s wrong, it’s just cold and dark and not that fun for me. After spending all that time and effort on costumes, I find walking around in the dark (with the costume hidden under a coat) to be somewhat of a let down.  Never mind the fact every weirdo and teenager is out that night, too, hoping to cause trouble.   In my opinion it’s a good night to stay off the streets not be walking around in the middle of them.  Instead, we go trick or treating  at retirement homes.   We’ve done this the last 5 years or so, in CO and now AK.  I like the idea that you are entertaining the seniors while you are trick-or-treating. The residents adore the kids in their costumes. Since we don’t live near any family,  I cherish the times that my kids get to be around elderly since they don’t get to see their own grandparents and great-grandparents much.  It’s important that they get to be with and learn from the people of a different generation.  The retirement home is by far one of my most favorite Halloween activities.

Schools usually host a party or carnival which is  always fun with safe, indoor, age appropriate activities.  This year will be the first year our home school charter school is having a fall carnival and I hope it turns out great. The cake walk is always my favorite game at these events.  At the last school carnival we went to, my kids preferred the giant nose full of green slime that you stick your hand into, and dig around in the “snot” for a prize….now how that beats the cake walk is beyond me. haha

To me, Halloween doesn’t have to be dark, gloomy, and scary.  There are many ways to make it a wholesome family holiday.  These are a few ways that we try to keep it fun and safe.  I’d love to hear your ideas too! Please comment and share your family’s favorite Halloween activities.

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Jenna has been an oilfield wife for over 12 years. Her Hot Oil Man husband started working in the oilfield a few months before they were married. The oilfield has lead them all the way from Northern CO to Alaska, where they've lived in the Matanuska Valley for 4 years. The family consists of their two children; a strong-willed daughter age 10, and a goofy son age 7. And of course what family would be complete without a couple of dogs and rabbits thrown in the mix. Jenna is a stay at home mom who doesn't “stay at home” much, and enjoys gardening, baking, reading, watching movies, four wheeling, hiking, fishing, and LOVES shopping. Since moving to the last frontier they have also started home schooling, which is another adventure all it’s own.


  1. Rhonda Siem says:

    Now that we have Miss Vi, I like your retirement home tradition. But I’m also terrified of protecting her with her peanut allergy all night. Since hubby goes back to work on the 30th, I think we’re going to do the early weekend event at Centennial Village with her, and then stay home Halloween night to pass out allergy safe treats to the neighborhood kids.

    • As fun as it is to go the retirement home, you really can’t trust the elderly to not slip her a Reese’s…..or eat one themselves and then give her a big kiss.
      I love the Centennial Village idea. Our little local museum has games inside and then trick-or-treating in the historical buildings adjacent to the museum (sort of like a small Centennial Village). It’s also the weekend before Halloween I think. They even do carriage rides and some other fun activities. We may have to check that out this year.

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