Do You “SPOIL” Your OFM On His Days Off?



Recently I caught myself completely absorbed into a social media thread that posed the question “How Do You Spoil Your OFM When He Is Home.” I was literally in shock and amazement from some of the response. Yes, no joke, some made me laugh out loud and yet other responses made me feel like I was slacking big time. I mean after all I am his wife, his partner, his best friend, his equal…… not his servant correct?

First of all, let’s be real here. I work forty plus hours a week and on my off time I am still working the full time Mommy Job. Stay at Home Mommies, also, are working nonstop around the clock because well let’s face it; us ladies are the glue that holds it all together.  We have the kids, the house, the pets, the bills, the groceries, the laundry, and the list goes on. I found it especially interesting that the mind set of some women is to literally wait on their OFM hand and foot when he is home because “he works so hard when he is gone” but I cannot help but feel I ALSO work double time when my husband is gone on his hitch, because guess what I am doing it all by myself. I guess it all really boils down to one question, what do you consider as spoiling or taking care of your man when he is home from his hitch?

Going “out” to eat. Some would say this is spoiling their OFM, because our guys eat from a microwave their whole hitch, but I would have to disagree. I don’t know how many times I ask my hubby what’s for dinner and he says the safety guy is making steaks, or the company man took him out or he is barbequing for the crew. I tend to think a fresh home cooked meal is more of a treat to him, and going out to eat is a treat for me; no preparation, no dishes, sign me up!

Pampering your guy. Ok, these are the comments that made me laugh the most. Now I love my husband, and yes I will admit I pluck his eyebrows, because well eyebrows, there should be two, but I am not about to run his bath, clip his toe nails, and give him a facial. Lucky for me, my guy has great hygiene all by himself, but he is a big boy and I am not his mommy. Maybe that does it for some people but when my husband is home, I still work all day, and in heels so if anyone is getting a foot rub it is mama! This does not go without saying I love to treat my guy to a professional massage or chiropractic visit, but the buck stops there.

Putting Out. LOL, ok really, this is spoiling him? I will leave it at that.

Providing daily maid service.  I am not sure if this made me giggle or made me feel like a slacker. I do not lay my husband’s clothes out every morning, but I do wash , fold, and put them away every night. At 33, I think my husband can put together his own outfit all by himself. I absolutely never play waitress, prancing around serving up meals in bed and beverages to the recliner. For one we do not own a recliner, and two he is a far better bar tender, but more than anything because I am not a servant.

My husband’s schedule is two on, two off. When he is home I love to surprise him with weekend trips, date nights, and sweet, thoughtful gifts. After reading some of the comments from the posted thread I was following I am not totally sure if I even “spoil him” or not when he is home, or if I simply just enjoy his company. After thinking about it more, I may even “spoil” him more when he is gone. When my husband is away at the rig, I use my days off to help do things around the house that he would normally do such as rake leaves, bathe dogs, organize the garage, and get the cars serviced.

What do you do to spoil or go above and beyond for your hard working man or do you? Do you feel obligated or that your gestures are expected? Maybe even better, you get spoiled when he is home, share your story!

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Becky and her family live in the beautiful town of Grand Junction, Colorado. She has been an OFW for almost three years, has a degree in Business Management, and works fulltime as a Digital Sales Manager for a local news station. She and her husband have one three year old daughter, Riley who is sweet, sassy, and even in heels and boas likes to pretend she is a dragon, that’s right ladies a dragon. In addition to work, Becky also volunteers on a fundraising committee for a local hospital, is a marketing chair member for a local not for profit, and helps pitch in at her daughters pre-school to raise funds. In her spare time (because she has SO MUCH of it) this OFW enjoys gardening, building projects on Shutterfly, cooking, golfing with her hubby, playing volleyball, and enjoying time on the lake with her family. Follow Becky on Pinterest and Instagram.


  1. Clipping toenails…. ewwwww!!!!

    My husband and I are pretty equal on days off. He is happy to be at home, I am happy to get some company and a break from taking care of everything. He cooks and does the odd jobs, I do the cleaning/laundry.

  2. Usuallyit’s pretty even but there are times he actually spoils me more but our marriage/relationship is a little deeper than normal. Lol.

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