Greetings From Our New Home In Beautiful Skunk Bay, ND!


Whew! It’s Monday evening and this is the first time I’ve had to sit down and be still since Friday afternoon. I am thoroughly exhausted, but after this weekend, I can honestly say that oilfield camper life is always exciting.

This past Friday afternoon Jacob got a call from his company telling him that he would be working on a new contract and that we had the weekend to pack and move the camper to a new site about 60 miles away. I imagine that if you’re actually using your camper to camp that packing up and moving is a relatively simple task. However, when you’ve been in the same spot for 6 months you become rather entrenched and moving quickly is a bit of an undertaking.

To be fair, the new site is absolutely gorgeous. It’s on Skunk Bay outside of Mandaree, ND and the view is magnificent. Getting the camper up here was a bit of a challenge though. The camper spots are terraced out of the side of a hill and trying to avoid going off the cliff or getting the camper stuck on the terrace wall proved to be quite the test of Jacob’s driving skills and my directing skills. While we did manage to get the camper in place without loss of life or limb, I’m afraid that it does have a nice new dent in one side. Thankfully, as far as we can tell, it’s only cosmetic.

There is still much to be done before we are completely settled in again. Books have to go back on shelves, dishes put away, outside things arranged where we can get to them. Oh, and of course there’s that little matter of water. We have to buy a new attachment for the hydrant outside and until we can get it hooked up we are relying on lots and lots of bottled water. Thankfully, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I should have it hooked up by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Once that’s done we still have to deal with waste water disposal and skirting and winterizing.

Camper life is rough sometimes, folks. And I’m tired. So, now it’s your turn to tell me about your camper quick move stories! Leave me a comment and tell me all about them!

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Chelsea is mama to 4 year old Will and partner to her oilfield man and best friend of 16 years, Jacob. She splits her time between the family’s camper in the North Dakota Oil Patch and a small urban homestead in Kentucky. Chelsea writes about the family’s camper adventures at She is a batik artist and loves teaching others about the art of batik at She can also be found working on her other sites and In her moments of spare time she enjoys knitting, sewing and gardening.


  1. Best of luck in your new location, Chelsea!

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