A Week of (Mostly) Healthy Eating


How many of you try so hard to eat right only to have it completely undone the minute your oilfield man walks in the door? I don’t blame my husband; I blame my complete lack of willpower. So, imagine my surprise when Hubby comes home and says, “I think we need to eat better. I need to lose a little weight.” Hah! You and me both, honey bunny.

I’ll admit that we haven’t stayed entirely with the healthy eating plan this past week, but we did find some recipes that were amazing. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy these meals were and how much flavor they packed! The main thing about all of them? NO butter. I’m like Paula Deen, y’all. I put butter on everything, which made it a little weird to not see it listed in the ingredients.

My favorite recipe of all this week came from Shrinking Kitchen, a sister site of Real Oilfield Wives. This slow-cooker barbacoa beef recipe has all of my family in love. I served it up on whole-wheat tortillas with cilantro lime brown rice. Y u m m y. I was jonesing for some sour cream but am happy to report I didn’t cave!

Our family also enjoyed the recipe for cilantro lime shrimp (Cilantro and lime seem to be a theme for our family) from skinnytaste.com. I didn’t really think ahead for a side dish for this so we ended up having shrimp tacos. Anyway, I think this shrimp would be great with green beans, brocolli, or pasta (whole wheat, of course!).

A new theme for me might be sweet potatoes. I’ve never been a fan of the sweet potato until I made some as a side dish last night. I cut one large sweet potato into chunks and tossed them in a little bit of crushed red pepper, low-sodium soy sauce, and some minced garlic. Then, I popped those bad boys in a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes, turning the pieces over half way through. (I was originally going to use a chili-garlic sauce but couldn’t find it at the grocery store, so I improvised.)

All in all, it was a lot of fun discovering new recipes and cooking together with Hubby. It was also great knowing that I was feeding my family healthy meals instead of high calorie processed junk.

What are some of your favorite healthy meals? Do you have a website that is your go-to for recipes? Share in the comments below or send me a tweet!

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