Oilfield Elf On The Shelf


One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is the Elf on the Shelf. We started doing the Elf last year and our whole family got into it. My husband and I would argue over whose turn it was to hide our family Elf, (we named her KC) or who got to set her up doing something absurdly ridiculous! When my oilfield man (OFM) was away on his hitch, he would even call me to either remind me to “move” KC or worse, he’d call to see what ideas I had come up with and then would kindly criticize.

I do think we probably jumped the gun starting the Elf on the Shelf when our daughter was two. Two year olds cannot even hardly put a sentence together much less grasp the idea of having a small doll spying on them to behave or else get placed on the naughty list. Three is a much better age for an introduction to the tradition in my opinion. It is amazing to me how much more our daughter is into Santa at three and almost like it happened over night too! Since she knows who Santa is and she has put it together that he is the big guy who leaves her gifts, she was extra interested in our little Elf KC!

A lot of friends have asked me where we got our Elf, and where else but Target! I actually scored the Elf and the book combo on sale last year at Target right after Black Friday. Apparently no one wanted a girl Elf that year, because that is all that was left after the midnight shoppers cleared the aisles, so that is what we got. They do make a girl Elf and a boy Elf, but both come in the same cheery get up with the very fun book.

The ways of introducing your elf to your little ones and explaining their meaning can vary from family to family. I have seen some friends do some really cute things like mail their kids a letter from Santa saying his Christmas Elf was on their way, then your elf would magically appear within a few days.  Other people I know have left a note for their little one from their Elf saying he/she was a part of Santa’s Christmas magic and would be arriving shortly. Then some families, like ours, just introduced the Elf with the story at bedtime one night. From there on we secretly moved KC every night leaving letters or even secret treats. When we pulled KC out of for Christmas this year, our daughter remembered her and the games began!

                The variety of things you can do with your Elf range from dangling from shower curtains reminding your little one about bath time, to fishing for Goldfish in the spare toilet! The creativity to me as a parent is the funniest part, but the ability to incorporate lessons and practice things like chores is really awesome too. Plus what parent does not love to have something to bribe your kidos with when they are being naughty?

I want to hear about what everyone else does with their Elf on the Shelf? Maybe some ideas to share or steal! I especially want to hear some ways in which to incorporate the oilfield through our Elf into our oilfield family!  You can follow me on Pinterest for all my ideas and posting of Elf KC, keeping Riley Arnold in line until December 25!  http://www.pinterest.com/beckyarnld/boards/

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Becky and her family live in the beautiful town of Grand Junction, Colorado. She has been an OFW for almost three years, has a degree in Business Management, and works fulltime as a Digital Sales Manager for a local news station. She and her husband have one three year old daughter, Riley who is sweet, sassy, and even in heels and boas likes to pretend she is a dragon, that’s right ladies a dragon. In addition to work, Becky also volunteers on a fundraising committee for a local hospital, is a marketing chair member for a local not for profit, and helps pitch in at her daughters pre-school to raise funds. In her spare time (because she has SO MUCH of it) this OFW enjoys gardening, building projects on Shutterfly, cooking, golfing with her hubby, playing volleyball, and enjoying time on the lake with her family. Follow Becky on Pinterest and Instagram.

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