Stitch Fix: The Hunt for an Adoption Day Dress

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When I scheduled my Fix for December, I noted that I was searching for a dress to wear for our upcoming adoption (hoping that it would be mid-December, which isn’t happening). I wanted something cute, stylish, and appropriate for our exciting family event. Nothing too short, tight or crazy. I don’t ask for much. 🙂

My Stitch Fix box arrived a day early, which made me extremely happy, since I not the world’s most patient person! I did manage to wait to open my package, however, until my teenage daughter got home from school. She doesn’t hesitate to tell me which pieces work or don’t work for me. I have to admit, we had quite a few giggles this time around as I was trying on the clothing!

Here are the pieces my personal stylist selected for me:

Stitch Fix: Style sent to your doorstep! A personal stylist selects 5 pieces especially for you, ships them, and you can keep any or none!  #style #fashion

{as always, ignore the horrible nighttime lighting and blurry photos courtesy of the child photographer!}

Mitchel Paisley Print Belted Shift Dress by Ezra {$78} photo, middle bottom This dress looked pretty cute right out of the box, although a bit too 70s bohemian for my taste. I got the dress on just fine, but had a momentary freak out when I couldn’t lift my arms to get the dress OFF. I almost had to call in my kids to help and that would have been a wee bit embarrassing for all of us. Upon my successful extraction, this dress went quickly to the NO pile.

Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan by Mak {$38} photo, middle center Another laughable piece.. Mustard a color I would typically pick out for myself, but I actually didn’t mind the color. The problem was that this cardigan was TINY. I put it on anyway and my belly bulged out from under the bottom. My daughter and I had a good laugh and I *almost* took a picture so that you could, too. But no, I’m not QUITE that brave yet. Another NO.

Livingston Ribbed Sweater Dress by Katherine Barclay {$98} photo, middle top This sweater dress was cute and I really liked the darker-green color. Unfortunately, the fit did nothing for me. It emphasized EVERY curve and the horizontal seams really did not flatter. NO.

Rocco Faux Wrap Tank Dress by 41Hawthorn {$78} photo, left I loved this navy blue wrap dress. The fit is somewhat slimming {or even if it isn’t, just play along} and I liked the flowy skirt. Not exactly suitable for a North Dakota winter event, but with a cute cardigan, it will be awesome! A definite yes! There was a slight defect with this piece -one of the belt loops was broken, so I notified Stitch Fix right away to see if they could send a replacement. It was out of stock, so they offered me a $15 credit instead. Deal.

Wakeman Crochet Open Cardigan by Honey Punch {$58} photo, right Another yes! This cardigan is super cute and will be perfect to layer any time of the year! I wish it was a different color, but the oatmeal-ish shad will have to do!

What do you think? Have you taken the leap and tried Stitch Fix yet? How are you liking it?

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