2013: A Year in Review


It’s that time of year, y’all. Even if you’d rather forget that 2013 even happened, eventually, you will think back on what the year did or did not bring and hope like crazy that 2014 is much better. (You can thank all of your Facebook friends and their reflective statuses)

For some of us 2013 brought happy memories of getting out of debt (my dream) or the news of a baby on the way. For others the year brought layoffs, financial hardship, or the loss of a loved one. I know from personal experience how easy it can be to focus only on the bad and forget about everything else.¬†Regardless of how you feel about 2013 just remember that good things did happen. And, lucky for you, it just so happens I’m here to share my favorite things to happen this year!

Batkid– This story just makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. I developed a strong love for Make-A-Wish during my time as an Active Chi Omega. This philanthropy does amazing things for some pretty cool kids and one of those kids is 5 year old Miles Scott. Check out this article by USA Today to find out more.

Elle the Hero Dog– My friends and family know how much I love pit bulls. I mean l o v e. One of the hardes things about being a pit bull owner is the stigma associated with them. Hubby and I both had to prove to our families just how great the breed can be. This all leads me to Elle the Hero Dog. Elle, who just so happens to live down the road from me in North Carolina, was named the American Humane Association’s 2013 Hero Dog. Check out this video and Elle’s Facebook page to see why she is so deserving of this honor.

Harrison Okene– In While no one else survived this tragic incident, Harrison, the chef on the sunken boat, did. 60 hours at the bottom of the Atlantic. Three days. While it is hard to think about how he survived it makes me tear up to watch the diver find him alive.

Grumpy Cat-¬†I’m not a cat person. I mean, I like them, I just don’t want to own one. (Plus, my Jack Russell really hates them) I would, however, make an exception for Grumpy Cat. Between the YouTube channel and the internet memes, this cat is everywhere. And we like it that way.¬†

Pay it Forward – I love it. All year I’ve read stories about people paying it forward through large tips, paying for the people in line behind them at Starbucks, or paying off layaway accounts at Christmas (Here’s looking at you, Secret Santa!). This is what we need, people! Even just holding the door for a frazzled mother with two small children (that’s me) can lift her mood and help the rest of the day go better (Thank you, random guy at the mall). This is one thing that I definitely hope makes it’s way into 2014.

What are your favorite things about 2013? What are your hopes for next year? Shout them out below or send me a tweet!

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