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As I got to work this morning and was scrolling through my calendar it hit me, holy crap Valentines Day is in TWO WEEKS! I feel like we just came up for air from Christmas and New Years and already we are looking at mid-February! Since a lot of us live our lives in hitches, February really is only a partial month, like all other months, the only days that count are the ones spent when our oilfield men are home and our families are complete. February is one of my favorite months and it is because of Valentines Day! Even though my oilfield man (OFM) and I have been married for four years and yes all that honeymoon business has done set sail, I still get butterflies every time I get the text he is leaving the rig headed home. What can I say, after four years I am still head over heels for the guy!

Like many of you, my Valentines Day will be spent alone and most likely just another day. If your OFM works Valentines Day, and is on a two on, two off schedule like my husband, then he is most likely getting ready to head back to the rig next week! The one definite upside to our lives and the oilfield lifestyle is for the most part there is always a schedule and if you are anything like me you will take total advantage of that!

Knowing my hubby will departing soon, and apart from me on the one day I want to smoother him in hugs and kisses I am always finding ways to give him and extra smile even when hundreds of miles apart! Below are some cute ideas I have done in the past when sending my love off on his hitch, things that will come as a surprise maybe one night when he has been up 16 hours and nothing is going right, or perhaps he will just stumble on the day before he comes home to give him a quick snapshot of the love that is waiting at home for him! These cute little ideas I have done on Valentines Day in the past, and come I do just because.

This first idea was a home run! I am obsessed with mason jars, they have so many uses and using them to store yummy treats is just one more to add to the list! My OFM LOVES peanut butter, and the mason jar can hand out on his desk in the pusher house where he can take as many as he wants and as often! One other perk to this cute idea is you can customize the message, and use really any candy! I’ve also done it with hot tamales and my tag line was “A spicy treat, for the HOTTEST thing I know.”


This second idea is a little more time consuming, maybe if your OFM will be home for Valentines Day this is something cute you could work on these days he is on hitch and before he gets home! You can use any standard kind of cards and then simply type up your “favorite sayings” and print them all out then cut and stick. DO NOT use a glue stick, it will not work with the gloss finish on the cards, I use double stick tape. To go a step farther you can always get custom made playing cards with you and your loves picture on them and use those cards! The rings and a single hole punch can be purchased at Walmart! I love love love this idea even for an anniversary because its a special keep sake your guy can keep at the Rig with him whenever he is away from you!


My next idea is one of my all time favorites, and I actually did this for Father’s Day but seems appropriate for Valentines Day too! You can make your OFM’s favorite kind of muffin or cupcake, we did German Chocolate for my husband, and we actually did a giant oversized muffin! To go along with my husbands treat we made a whole pan of mini muffins he could share with the other guys at the safety meeting since they were all working that Fathers Day. My three year old daughter got to help bake and she actually colored on the tag that I printed our saying on!


This next idea is really for the oilfield Daddy’s, a special way mama and the kids can show him he is loved! My daughter and I made Daddy a huge basket full of sweet treats last year, our tag read “Sweet treats for our sweet guy” and in it we did a bunch different pictures with the “kisses” taped to it. When I did this, I did some pictures of just her, some of just myself, and some of us together! I put all our pictures on sticks in the basket so they were peeking out! Our basket was definitely unable to be “hidden” but the pictures he still has up at the rig.


Last but not least, no Valentines is complete without the Conversation Letters! Again a super cute and fun idea you can do with your kidos or all on your own! I have taken this idea a few different directions! I even did this once on our Anniversary, you can get naught Conversation Hearts and I saved them and made him a naughty card on our anniversary on year! It was so funny and he loved it! I have also done this idea for Valentines Day, but on a huge poster board and incorporated large regular candy bars and other sweets that I all worked into my saying. This cute idea can even be used for birthdays too if you want to make your own card!



This Valentine’s Day, if you are with your OFM or apart, take the time to show him you love him. The oilfield marriage or oilfield relationship are some of the strongest and most tested relationships two people could ever experience, but beautiful none the less! How are you going to show your OFM your love this Valentine’s Day? Follow me on Pinterest for more holiday ideas, OR “like” me on Facebook to see what I have up my sleeve for this year

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Becky and her family live in the beautiful town of Grand Junction, Colorado. She has been an OFW for almost three years, has a degree in Business Management, and works fulltime as a Digital Sales Manager for a local news station. She and her husband have one three year old daughter, Riley who is sweet, sassy, and even in heels and boas likes to pretend she is a dragon, that’s right ladies a dragon. In addition to work, Becky also volunteers on a fundraising committee for a local hospital, is a marketing chair member for a local not for profit, and helps pitch in at her daughters pre-school to raise funds. In her spare time (because she has SO MUCH of it) this OFW enjoys gardening, building projects on Shutterfly, cooking, golfing with her hubby, playing volleyball, and enjoying time on the lake with her family. Follow Becky on Pinterest and Instagram.

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