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This year for my three year olds Valentine’s Day Preschool party I needed something quick, easy, and healthy since Daddy is out of town on his hitch! I decided for my preschooler this year I was going to skip the packaged sugar cookies and bypass the temptation of festive mini candy treats, and instead get creative with “yogurt pops” for our classroom treat! My daughter loves to have the obviously overpriced and unhealthy cake pops for a treat when I hit up Starbucks on my way to the office on weekday mornings, so I knew these delicious little snacks would be a hit with her and the other twenty wild preschoolers but even better, less sugary. Yogurt pops are really pretty basic, require minimal ingredients and preparation, and best of all they can be made the night before so they can be ready when you run out the door if you are a working oilfield wife like me! See below!



What You Need:

Large tub of yogurt, I use the Honey and Strawberry Greek but you can also do any flavor or brand to your liking

Cake Pop Pan

Cake Pop Sticks (I get mine at Hobby Lobby or Michales, but some Walmarts carry them too)

Any sprinkles or cookie crumbles to desired taste

MakingYour Pops:

Mix your yogurt and any additional ingredients in a large bowl. My daughter and I have mixed sprinkles into our yogurt before, we have also mixed in cookie crumbles and small tiny diced frozen fruit. This is really up to you and however creative you would like to get!

After your yogurt has been mixed with ingredients, or if you are using just plain yogurt, place it in a plastic baggie for easy pouring. I use the smaller Ziploc bags so it  seals well. Snip a small hole in the end of your baggie so it resembles a “cake frosting tool”.

Clamped the cake pop pan with the two yellow rubber clips it came with… You do not need to spray the pan with anything like you do when you bake in it!

Fill the cake pop pan individual cups with your yogurt. Make sure you shake and bang the pan on the table or you will get air bubbles.

After you are done filling the cups with the yogurt insert your pop sticks.

Stick your pan laying flat in the freezer for about an hour .

Remove pops and cover individually with clear wrap and a ribbon- ENJOY!

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