Frugal Momma: Valentine’s Day on a Budget


I know Valentine’s Day is traditionally considered a holiday for adults. A day for flowers, candy and romance (well, unless your husband is on the rig like mine). The day is also a great time to show love and appreciation for friends and family, especially kids. It’s hard to give gifts and have fun with the kids when you are on a budget, but it isn’t impossible. Check out some of the gift and craft ideas that will provide maximum fun with minimal impact to your wallet.

Sharpie Coffee Mug:┬áIf you are like me, just about everyone you know drinks coffee or hot tea. This craft is great for long distance friends or even for you and the hubby. If you have sharpies handy all you need is a dollar store ceramic mug. There are so many different designs you can do, just search around to find something you like on Pinterest. (I have a feeling the kids and I will do a few for Grandparent’s Day)

DIY Coffee Gifts: Continuing on with the coffee theme, I found this Cinnamon Coffee Scrub and Coffee Bean Soap. Being an avid coffee drinker myself (Community Coffee’s Carnivale Cake is life) I had never thought to reuse the grinds in gifts! I know so many ladies who would love to get the scrub or the soap as a gift. Who knows, if they go over well enough and you have that enterprising spirit, maybe you could make a few bucks off of them!

Valentine’s Day M&M Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Jar: I’ve always loved getting these types of gifts. They aren’t expensive but they are oh so yummy. I think this would be a great gift for school teachers, daycare workers, or babysitters. You can also find tons of other craft ideas on the Frugal Girls website.

Heart Shaped Food: I plan to make these heart shaped pizzas and heart shaped rice krispy treats with my daughter at some point this week. I’m not the greatest in the kitchen, but I think I can make these work. My daughter loves helping me while I cook and these recipes are perfect for us to do together.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank? Share your ideas and experiences below or send me a tweet!

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