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I know I’ve already talked about the trips that my family plans to make this summer and that Chelsea has given us some great tips for traveling, but it’s a theme that keeps popping into my head. As our family of four gears up for a 15+ hour drive to Louisiana (in a Fiesta, no less), I’ve been researching ways to keep the kiddos happy and make the trip as smooth as possible. Since I’m sure a lot of you are in a similar situation,  I thought I’d share what I’ve found.

1) Wow Cup– My step-mom bought one of these spill-proof cups at a local drug store and gave it to my daughter. I was extremely skeptical as to how well it would work, but (so far) it has worked flawlessly. My daughter still walks around with the cup upside down and tells me how cool it is. This is going to be awesome to take in the car on our trip because there isn’t a chance of making a mess. (My poor car is alreadt kinda gross as it is.)

2)Pack a lunch– Or in our case, lunch and snacks. We will pull out of our driveway around 3 a.m. and usually run through a fast food joint for breakfast (and coffee. Lots of coffee). Packing a small cooler with lunch meats, cheese, and drinks will not only save us money but will also help keep us from stopping every hour to grab a bag of chips. If your car is bigger than a Tonka toy, you could totally load up a decent sized cooler and never have to stop for food.

3)Charge up the Kindle– It’s times like these that I really miss the portable DVD player that we bought a few years back. Our daughter broke it within a few months and we just never bothered to replace it. Thankfully, my cell phone charger also charges my Kindle Fire, so both kids can entertain themselves with a movie or a game until the battery runs down.

4)Bring pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals– Leaving so early usually means that the kids will go back to sleep after being in the car for a short ride. Bringing a few of the comforts of home will help them sleep a little better (and hopefully longer!). Bringing a favorite toy also helps keep my children from killing each other in the back seat.

5)Music– My daughter has one CD of mine that she absolutely loves. Playing it the whole way through gets us most of the way out of the state on the first leg of our journey and keeps baby girl singing. Baby boy loves watching his sister dance and sing so it keeps him occupied as well.

How do you keep your kids occupied on a long car trip? Comment below or send me a tweet!

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