My family and I just got home from a much needed and entirely over due family weekend at the lake. Besides my blazing red sunburn, a little bit of sand in the coolers, and a mountain of beach towels and bathing suits in the laundry hamper, it was yet another memorable weekend in the books from Lake Powell, Utah. Lake Powell is not only the largest body of water closest to home for us, but hands down fun for the whole family!

Lake Powell is the perfect weekend getaway or family vacation spot for many reasons. If you and your family have never been, but enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, or just exploring than this is the place for you! Lake Powell is part of Glen Canyon National Park in Utah that has over 1800 miles of shorelines and runs from Utah to Arizona. Lake Powell has several marinas floating on the water that not only serve as fuel stations or potty break points, but shops, bars, restaurants, and ice creams stands! Close by the marinas, if not directly surrounding the marinas at Lake Powell, are hundreds of slips full of houseboats of all shapes and sizes!

When my hubby is on days off in the summer, we are always aching for the lake, so it only made sense when the opportunity of a houseboat came into our lives. We bought into a houseboat share last summer and I cannot tell all of you what a great decisions it was! For our family, we get our houseboat 8 weeks a year. our houseboat is slipped at Bullfrog Marina in Utah and comes complete with a grill, freeze, kitchen, shower, and of course something to sleep on that does not involve a tent and sleeping bed thank heavens! We can walk to the marina from our slip, our houseboat neighbors are nothing short of awesome, and we can tie our boat up right to the back of the houseboat. Can you tell how much I love this place yet!

Another reason why I feel everyone should visit this amazing National Park is the views! If you have ever been to Moab, Utah then you know what the whole “red rock” craze and the “arches” is all about, well in my opinion Lake Powell is all of that just with a giant swimming pool in the middle, it is gorgeous! It still amazes me every time we visit Powell that views and the simple fact that there is such a huge body of fresh water literally in the middle of a rocky desert, simply one of God’s creations. The canyons, the rock formations, the colors, it is all simply breathe taking!

The last few trips to Lake Powell for our family have been spent exploring more than anything. Last summer, our family hiked to the Rainbow Bridge which is a national arch formation in the rock. Rainbow Bridge extends 290′ into the sky and 275′ across Bridge Canyon and is said to be the direct result of the powerful combo of wind and water. It’s the largest known natural bridge in the world!  Also while visiting Rainbow Bridge, we got to see a preserved Dinosaur footprint that was discovered in a dig site and is now protected by state wildlife officers.

Another historical and mind blowing experiences of Lake Powell is all the hieroglyphics. We have traveled to several canyons and took 10-15 minute hikes from the beach and got to see Rock Art and pictures that dates back to over 3,000 years old. These types of preserved human presence have been captured all over the lake and really is an incredible experience for the whole family! The trails, the desert flowers, and quick paced lizard crossing always brings excitement and fun to our little girl too!

In our family we love to fish, and luck for us Lake Powell is home to some incredible fishing as just one more activity to add to the list. Catfish, trout, bass, you name it, there is most likely a Lake Powell record to be held. My husband and I like to fish off the back of our boat at night while our daughter sleeps, we have a cocktail, dip our feet in the water, and watch our blinking bobbers out in the night water. In case you couldn’t tell this is one of my favorite moments with my oilfield man. We are most definitely not competitive fishers, but it makes us laugh, and is one more activity we can do together while relaxing at the lake!

Within the last two years we have become a water sports oilfield family more than anything! Wakeboards, knew boards, tubes, and surfing, we love it all and our favorite place to part take in any of these sports is Lake Powell! The lake is so big you never catch your self flying into the water due to someone else’s wake, or waiting in line just to get one lap in. Our favorite part of the lake that is close to our own houseboat is Halls Crossing where we love the beaches for Sand Castles and the calm waters for a lunch on the boat or ride on a tube!

Oilfield families in most cases have half the time together than what I like to think of as regular families, so we have to make our days count. We have never been to keen on extravagant vacations, international travels, or even super glitzy trips, we just enjoy the lake. Lake Powell is something in common me and my oilfield man have, and now we get to watch our daughter grow there and make memories with us, as a family. If you have never been I highly recommend it!

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