Memorial Day Gratitude



Happy Memorial Day! Today is a great day to talk about gratitude. Obviously, we are grateful today for the sacrifices made by our service men and women, especially since it seems like a great many of our oilfield men, my own husband included, are veterans themselves. While we are focused on our gratitude for the sacrifices of our veteran ofm, or other family members and friends, it’s also a good time to think about all the other things in our life we have to be grateful for as well.

I used to sit down on Sunday nights and write out my gratitude list, but unfortunately I got away from the practice. However, in light of the Memorial Day holiday it seems like a great time to restart the practice. So, here is my gratitude list for the week.

I am grateful for:

The sacrifices made my our men and women in the military, both past and present. Without their service and sacrifice I may not have had the opportunity to experience all the other this ings that I am grateful for this week.

 The folks who responded in the post comments and on Facebook to my last post about my breech baby. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories and making me feel better!

A baby that has finally turned!

 Access to wellness providers who helped turn my breech baby.

 Access to the perinatologist’s office who helped to verify that my baby had turned.

 My incredibly supportive inlaws who are always willing to help out with whatever I need. I am so grateful that they were able to watch my son this past week so that I could focus on doctor/chiropractor/acupuncturist appointments and getting the house ready for the baby.

 The space and knowledge to grow my own food. There is nothing better than fresh chard, kale and lettuce to eat and fresh herbs to make herbal tonics.

 Having finally learned how to let hurtful comments and actions roll off my back and laugh at them instead of letting them upset me. It’s taken a lot of distance and a lot of years to get to that point.

From now I am going to try and remember to write down my gratitude list each Sunday evening. I encourage you to try it as well. It’s such a wonderfully positive practice that gets your week started off on the right foot. Why not get started right now and leave me a comment with 3 things you are grateful for this week?


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