A Birthday Wish


Today is my baby girl’s 9th birthday. Where has the time gone?! In the blink of the eye she has gone from chubby little baby, to tall graceful young lady. She’s silly, sassy, and smart  – and I’m honored to be her mother. I try not to have regrets and I try not to spend too much time looking back. Although I am far from perfect, and I’m not always patient and kind, I do try to make the most of each day. I am so glad to be a stay at home Oldfield mom, and I’m thankful that I get to spend everyday with my children.

Since it’s her birthday, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my daughter and what I want for her. There’s so many things I wish for her – I want her to have a solid education and to get to try all the things she’s interested in (from art to zoology). I want her to spend her childhood playing,  imagining, being carefree, and not having a worry in the world…but I also want her to have responsibilities and learn what it means to be reliable.  I want her to be health conscious, but not concerned about outward appearances. I want her to be a self-motivated hard-worker and understand the value of a dollar. I also want her to have opportunities in life, and not have to worry about money. I want her to have high self esteem – without being conceited or stuck-up. I wish for her to be generous and unselfish, but also able to say no.  I want her to be caring and compassionate, but able to stand up for herself and not get pushed around.  I want her to have all the desires of her heart, and yet I don’t want her to be spoiled or entitled. I want her to be well mannered, but also able to express herself in her own way. I never want her to have a broken heart. I want her to succeed in everything, but also know how to be a gracious loser. Simply put, I guess my wish is that she is  healthy and happy everyday of her entire life.

Obviously that’s an unrealistic wish list and I can’t give her any of those things. But if I give her nothing else in life, I want to teach my daughter  3 important things – to be firm in her faith, to be full of confidence in herself, and feel secure in the love of her family. That’s a wish list that I can actually work towards.  I am not a perfect example of godliness, but I hope my children will learn by seeing me succeed as well as seeing me fail.  Along with helping her to establish a relationship with God, I  also want her to be confident in who she is and what she can accomplish. Growing up, I never had much confidence in myself or my abilities, and I never want her to feel that way. I want her to be fully aware of her worth.  And lastly, I want her to know that I will love her no matter what. My love can’t be earned — or lost.
That is  my true birthday wish for her.

About jenna

Jenna has been an oilfield wife for over 12 years. Her Hot Oil Man husband started working in the oilfield a few months before they were married. The oilfield has lead them all the way from Northern CO to Alaska, where they've lived in the Matanuska Valley for 4 years. The family consists of their two children; a strong-willed daughter age 10, and a goofy son age 7. And of course what family would be complete without a couple of dogs and rabbits thrown in the mix. Jenna is a stay at home mom who doesn't “stay at home” much, and enjoys gardening, baking, reading, watching movies, four wheeling, hiking, fishing, and LOVES shopping. Since moving to the last frontier they have also started home schooling, which is another adventure all it’s own.

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