Back to School?



If you’ve been reading my past few posts you know that our family has been going through a lot of changes. Now it looks like we may be adding one more change to the mix. We’ve been considering giving up homeschooling and sending our son to the local Waldorf school.

I have some mixed feelings about this. I’d definitely miss our daily lessons and the time spent watching our son learn. On the other hand it’s hard to be with my kids constantly day in and day out with no husband coming home in the evening to provide a distraction.

Furthermore, there are things that I need to be doing for myself that I was supposed to start doing over a year ago when I left my job. Unfortunately, they have been put aside in the shuffle of day to living and perhaps sending our son to regular school would provide me with the time to do those things.

So, in order to get my thoughts straight I figured I’d write out my list of pros and cons and see how they looked in print.




Our son would get consistent daily socialization with his peers.

I would have more free time to pursue my own projects.

Our son would receive instruction in the educational method that we prefer facilitated by trained professionals.


We won’t be as easily able to travel.

Our son won’t be able to visit with daddy as much when he’s home.

Our son is currently ahead of his peers academically and may get bored.

Honestly, even after writing it all out I still don’t know the answer. The main thing is that I value my freedom and each choice gives our family a different type of freedom. Continuing to homeschool allows us the freedom to move around and visit with my husband no matter where he is or when he is home. However, putting our son into a regular school gives me a bit more time to work on things I need to do. Of course I would still have the baby in tow, but caring for one child is a lot easier than caring for both of them at the same time.

I don’t know the answer yet, but we have at least started the school application process so now we will see where it goes. Wish us luck!



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