Daddy’s at Work

Daddy's at WorkToday is June 4th, and Hubby has been gone for 4 days of our very first hitch of 7 weeks and already I’m questioning the sanity of this decision.  Not like we had an abundance of options. OFM’s boss could only scrape together an average of 10 hours a week for him and despite the nearly 40 job applications I submitted, I only got 2 interviews.  Apparently running a plumbing company isn’t a valuable skill.

We’ve spent time apart before.  Even as much as a week, so it is pretty absurd that I’m lonely already. Part of what makes this different is how the kids are acting.  Little Brother is 2 now and he certainly understands that Daddy isn’t here.  Before Hubby left, LB was really in a Daddy phase and always wanted to go with Daddy or have Daddy put him to bed.   While he doesn’t seem to be exhibiting any odd behaviors (well, anything more odd than the usual) he will randomly yell “Daddy! Daddy!” and start to fuss and frown. He’ll ask “Where’s Daddy?” and all I can think to say is “Daddy’s at work” or “Daddy is in Alaska” At present he is trying to put his own shirt on……upside down.  He opens the shirt, holds it, and when it doesn’t jump on to his body he cries in frustration then jumps up and down and finally falls down on the floor.  I’ve asked to help him.  This was wrong.  I am not to touch the shirt.

Yesterday it was the banana. LB indicated he would like a banana so I cracked the peel and handed it to him.

This was wrong.

He indicated that I had crushed his soul and ruined his life.

Confused, I begged of his lordship how I had committed such an atrocity. His highness was so distraught he was incapable of speaking. In a gesture of pure desperation I used my magical powers to put the peel back on the banana.

And his lordship indicated it was good and there was peace in the land again…. Until he tried to take a bite. And the banana broke.  The world ended.  (for about 5 minutes)  Two-year-olds are awesome.

Big Brother seems to be having the hardest time.   He’s 5 so he really seems to grasp that he won’t see Daddy for a really long time.  At first, I didn’t think he understood because he really didn’t seem to acknowledge what was going on. Finally when we took Hubby to the airport and left him at security screening, BB brought the waterworks.  Oh, that was rough.  He had hugged Hubby like nothing was going on and waved but it wasn’t until he couldn’t see Daddy that it hit BB like a ton of bricks.  I told him, “Let’s not cry here, let’s wait till we get to the car, ok?”  And he did. And then we both cried.

BB’s missing his Daddy seems to be coming not in the form of tears but in the form of being a little shithead.  He’s back-talking more than normal, which I really didn’t think was possible, and in general being hugely disrespectful.  He’s spending a lot of time in his room these past few days and not by choice. He also is overreacting to small challenges and acting like the world the ending.  He left his socks in the middle of the floor last night and when I asked him to put them in the hamper, I’m pretty sure what he thought I said was “Now act like a teenage girl who just found out that Tommy is texting Cindy instead of you.”  It was dramatic.  Or was it traumatic?  Either way, it was overkill.

I try to emphasize to the boy that Daddy is doing this FOR us and that we are lucky and grateful. After about a week of acting out, I think we are finally into a groove, but there’s no denying that OFM is very much missed when he’s gone. BB now tells everyone we meet that “My Daddy works in Alaska” and then on cue, LB will point to the sky and say “Daddy in Alaska” Which I think is possibly the cutest pronunciation of “Alaska” in history.  Now we just have to work on teaching him that when we say “Up in Alaska” we don’t mean the sky!

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Rheanna is a stay-at-home mom to two children. She is a lifetime resident of New Mexico and her Oilfield Man works on the North Slope of Alaska, averaging 4 weeks on and 2 off. In her previous life she was a bookkeeper and boiler technician for her father’s plumbing company. She enjoys hiking, horseback riding, motorsports and pretending not to kill her garden. Cooking is a favorite past time, but unfortunately a lifelong allergy to crafting supplies and a debilitating ineptitude with a glue gun prevent her from spending too much time on Pinterest.


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