Oilfield Thankfulness

Something to be thankful for…

I am thankful for this wonderful, crazy, stressful, exciting Oilfield Life. It has its ups and downs, but overall the oilfield has provided my family with a great life. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m going to list some things that I am thankful for.
1. I’m thankful for my Hot Oil Man’s job because he gets so much time at home. We’ve been able to make many fabulous family memories during his time at home that we wouldn’t have otherwise.
2. I am also thankful for my HOM’s job because it has allowed me to stay home and raise our kids, instead of working outside of the home.  Not every day spent at home with the kids is peaches and roses, but I am thankful for it –  for all of it, the good times and the bad.
3. I am thankful for friends that are willing to help out when we need it.  We moved 3,000 miles away from my support circle when the oilfield brought us from Colorado to Alaska, and although I’m not very social I have made a few good friends that have been generous with their time and support.
4. I am thankful for friends that have included us in their family thanksgiving dinner since we don’t have family nearby. I am looking forward to the food and fellowship.
5. I am thankful that we made the crazy decision to start homeschooling a couple years ago. It has been a great experience and one we never would have had if the OF hadn’t brought us up here to Alaska.  I get quality time with my children daily, and they are getting a great education with so many opportunities.
6. I am thankful for my house. It’s not big or fancy, but it’s cozy and I get to share it with the people I love most. I am thankful that my husband has a job that allows us to have a home.
7. I am thankful for our two dogs. They might seem insignificant, but they are my loyal companions when my HOM is away. They make our house into a home wherever we are, even when we move 3,000 miles across country. They are a constant source of love and entertainment for all of us.
8. I am thankful for my children. They run me ragged, and they use up every last ounce of my patience – –  but I love them with my whole heart, and I thank God everyday that they are a part of my life. As any parent will tell you, they have truly given meaning to my life.
There’s my Thankfulness list, or at least part of it – I could probably drag on and on. Feel free to add your list, too!
Happy thanksgiving, from my oilfield family to yours, and God bless!

About jenna

Jenna has been an oilfield wife for over 12 years. Her Hot Oil Man husband started working in the oilfield a few months before they were married. The oilfield has lead them all the way from Northern CO to Alaska, where they've lived in the Matanuska Valley for 4 years. The family consists of their two children; a strong-willed daughter age 10, and a goofy son age 7. And of course what family would be complete without a couple of dogs and rabbits thrown in the mix. Jenna is a stay at home mom who doesn't “stay at home” much, and enjoys gardening, baking, reading, watching movies, four wheeling, hiking, fishing, and LOVES shopping. Since moving to the last frontier they have also started home schooling, which is another adventure all it’s own.

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