Spending Time Together

Spending TimeNothing makes me happier than setting time aside for my best friend and I to have an adventure together. No, I don’t mean sipping lattes with my best girlfriend and cruising the mall. I’m talking about time with my favorite person in the whole entire world -my oilfield man! Hitch after hitch, spending weeks apart can take it’s toll on even the strongest relationship. Don’t get me wrong, date nights are awesome and sneaking off for a quick romantic encounter while the kids are preoccupied is exciting, but I’m talking about more than  just dates and romance. I’m talking about quality time alone, and longer than just a few hours together. No children, friends, housework or oilfield work. Just us. A team of lovers learning new things and exploring new places together. It takes us back to a simpler time in our relationship and renews those hot n’ heavy, butterflies- in-your-stomach feelings. It gives us unique experiences as a couple and creates memories we can pull out and hold on to during those long, lonely hitches that leave you barely hanging by a thread.

“I think …  one of them … is still alive!” I whispered to my husband, desperately trying to stay calm. It took every fiber of my sanity to ignore the thumping against my back. The urge to scream, run and rip my pheasant-carcass-filled hunting vest off was overwhelming.

“You’re fine. Its definitely dead.”  He grinned as he attempted to comfort me. One good jab to the square of my back from within the vest was enough to send me tearing through the snow-crusted field like a madwoman.

“Oh my gosh, it’s pecking my back! It’s pecking my back! It’s trying  to peck its way out!” I screamed. Balancing my shotgun between my hands, I started shedding layers, leaving behind a haphazard trail of camo and orange hunting attire. A few yards into my run, I finally managed to rip off the possessed vest just in time to glance up and see the rest of our birds fly away, flushed from their hiding spots by my little outburst.


Turning back around I fully expected to find one livid husband; but ,to my surprise, he was laughing hysterically. I smiled sheepishly at the still-twitching vest on the frozen ground. When he finally caught his breath from laughing, he said, “Only a hunting partner as pretty as you could get away with that.”

Those are the moments that make my heart leap and make this crazy life we’ve chosen seem worth it. Most people with “regular” jobs (not in the oilfield) get two weeks of vacation per year, if they’re lucky. One thing I love about living life in hitches (at least for us, I know not every oilfield family is as lucky to have a set schedule) is that days on also mean days off, which allows us opportunities for time together that I don’t think most “regular” couples get.

Making this time together is not an easy task. As an oilfield wife, I am fiercely independent. I absolutely hate asking for help from anyone for anything. Having this time as a couple is such an important part of our marriage, it’s the one thing I never hesitate to ask for help with. We are so incredibly lucky to live near family and friends who also see  the importance of us spending time together.

It doesn’t matter whether we spend it on an island sipping margaritas with our toes in the white sand or duck hunting in a mucky pond in 30 degrees and snow flurries, making memories with my best friend is the absolute best part about having days off.

About brandy

Brandy met and fell in love with her oilfield man on his days off in 2008. They have a "his, mine and ours" family with five kids who range in age from early teen to infant. She holds down the fort as a stay­at­home­mom in their hometown of Salt Lake City, UT while her oilfield man is hard at work in the Bakken, six months out of the year. The other six months are spent together as a family (and once in a while, as a couple) hunting, camping, fishing, taking vacations, playing games (video and board), watching zombie flicks, and cooking. On the rare occasion she isn’t planning, budgeting and running kids around, her favorite pastimes include good books, putting thoughts down in writing, getting dirt under her nails in the garden and creating beautiful/fun sewing projects.

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