I Will Just Start Tomorrow…

This is the year I get healthy and look smoking hot in a bikini.  I start today!

Now that I think about it…

It is New Year’s Day and I’m still hung-over from the night before and fried chicken sounds good.  It is no problem if I start tomorrow, right?

I was going to start today, but I have PMS rage.  I need chocolate and wine, stat.  Seriously, I need chocolate so that I don’t kill someone.  An innocent life is at stake unless I GET MY BROWNIE.  Whew, that was a close call.  It is about balance, right?  I will have my brownie today and eat more broccoli tomorrow.

BRRR, it is cold out.  I would go running, but it is cold.  The allergens are high.  Have you seen the cedar counts?  Cedar fever in Texas blows (pun intended because you have to blow your nose a lot).  Look how funny I am.   I’ll just wait until the cedar has cleared the air.  No one wants to go into anaphylactic shock from a run.  Anaphylactic shock is not funny.  I never have had a severe allergic reaction, but I’ll just play it safe.

February 4th and I’ve gained 3 lbs.  Not a great start, but I will start now!  Now that I’m thinking about it though, Valentine’s is just around the corner.  I love Valentine’s Day and we are going to go out for a nice dinner date.  I’ll just start after Valentine’s Day.  I will have 10 months left in the year to get healthy and that is plenty of time!

I can always start on Monday.

Whew, this is the longest hitch ever.  How many weeks has he been gone now?  I know what will make me feel better.  I’ll just fill that lonely hole with food and maybe a glass of wine.

I can always start tomorrow.

What the ….?  Since when did these workout pants give me camel toe?  That just looks obscene!  There is no need to physically show people I am a woman.   I will go to the gym once I have socially acceptable pants.

Did you hear we are going on a road trip for Spring Break?  SOUTH PADRE OR BUST!  I’m kidding we are way too old for that, but we are going on a road trip.  What is a road trip without snacks?  Honestly, what else is one to do in the car except chow down on tasty snacks?  I will wait until we are home and then I will get healthy.  Watch out for me and all my healthiness that is about to emerge.

I will just start next week.

Jesus rose from the cross for our sins and doesn’t want us to starve ourselves this Easter.  I will eat this Cadbury cream egg in celebration of the resurrection.  It is GODLY to eat this egg or five.  Amen.

Oh look, it is almost summertime.  I will have so much more time to workout when it is nice and pretty outside.  I will just start in May.

I have already eaten too much today, I will just start next week.

WHY DOES IT FEEL HOTTER THAN THE GATES OF HELL OUTSIDE?  It is way too hot for working out.  My health is at stake because I will for sure have a heat stroke in this weather.  Heat stroke is for real y’all.  People die from heat stroke every year, I think.  Yes, I’m fairly certain that people die.  I will just start in September when it finally has cooled off a bit.  I still have four months to DO THIS.  I won’t meet my entire goal, but I can get something done.

I will start tomorrow!  Wait, Oilman comes home for days off tomorrow.  I will just start 10 days from now when he goes back to work.

What kind of pie should I cook for Thanksgiving?  How on earth is it Thanksgiving already?  Wasn’t I hung-over and eating chicken strips like 4 weeks ago?  I have 5 weeks to lose 40lbs so I can get to my New Year’s goal!  They say that one should be realistic in goal setting and 40lbs is not realistic in five weeks.  Why even attempt something that I will never accomplish?

I will just enjoy my Christmas cookies and eggnog for right now.  I will enjoy Christmas with the food and the cheer.  Holidays are NOT about calorie counting, that is just crazy!  No worry, I will just start New Year’s Day with a clean slate.

I’m 10lbs heavier than this time last year, okay 12, okay 12.75, but no biggie.  Like seriously, I will really do it this time.

2015, I’m done with all of this.  It is happening today, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, today.  This girl CAN.

(I totally heart the realism in this video)

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