7 Sinfully Sexy Things About Oilfield Men

7 Sinfully Sexy Things About Oilfield MenIt was bound to happen. Yep. I’m about to bring it ‘there’. With the toxic combination of Valentine’s Day and the release of 50 Shades of Grey, I have one thing on my mind. The sheer sexiness of my oilfield man. Three words come to mind. “Drill, baby, drill.”

While all of us oilfield wives know what makes our men sexy, I feel it is our duty to enlighten those who do not know what it is that makes an oilfield man irresistible. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. The dirt. Who doesn’t love a man that gets his hands dirty (and everything else for that matter)?! Every time my OFM would come home covered in dirt, mud, and everything in between, it took me a good solid minute to remember that shit doesn’t come off easily. Have you ever touched that stuff? One little black speck turned me into a drilling mud mess in less than two minutes one day! Anyway, it’s a complete turn on! We always have extra Dawn in the kitchen, so bring on the dirt!

  2. Their equipment. Now, hold on. I’m not taking this post THAT far. I’m talking about the rig equipment. It’s big. It’s loud. It’s dangerous. It’s complicated. It’s HOT. Men that can control all that craziness and make it run like a well-oiled machine can surely take control of other things!

  3. The lingo. Sometimes when my motorman is telling me about his day I can’t help but think “Wow, what exactly DID you guys do all day?” It really can sound naughty! Four years in and I’m still learning all the terms and vocabulary. I do know one thing, when my OFM says things like “nipple up”, he doesn’t have to ask me twice! *Blush*

  4. The uniforms. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Granted, they aren’t kept as spiffy and clean as other men in uniform, but women still can’t get enough of the coveralls, hardhats, safety glasses, and boots covered in, you guessed it, dirt (see sexy fact #1).

  5. The muscles. Mmmm, muscles. Enough said.

  6. The time away. Yes, the time away is awful, but it does have its good side. The time home. It leaves room for couples to miss one another. It enables them to find creativity and playfulness to connect to one another while apart. And when he finally is home…well, we all know how sweet the time home can be. Be jealous, ladies. It’s heaven.

  7. Last, but not least, their women. Nothing is sexier on an oilfield man than the woman on his arm. Her strength, her loyalty, and the way she can go from ape status to sex symbol with 30 minutes and a razor is implausible! You won’t find an OFM that will ever argue with this fact!

Well, if you didn’t know before some of the things that makes an oilfield man sexy, now you do. He’s strong, he’s dirty, he’s sexy, and he’s mine! Happy tripping in, ladies!

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Ashley and her husband, Ryan, have been married for 4 years. They became an oilfield family in March of 2011. They live in Northeastern Pennsylvania with their 2 year old daughter, Anistyn, and two fur-children: Kora (the manic Australian Cattle Dog) and Jaxx (your typical lazy house cat). Ashley traded in her various degrees and certifications to take on her ultimate dream job of fulltime mommy and wife. When not throwing over-the-top toddler dance parties and reading the same storybook 104 times in a row she enjoys reading her own books, baking, writing, meeting new friends, trying new things, and saving every animal in need on the planet!

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