To Move or Not to Move

To Move or Not to Move #realoilfieldwivesMy friend’s husband was murdered on Tuesday.

He was shot in the back by a fellow police officer during an argument and we still don’t know what the argument was about.  He left behind his wife, three children under 11, and one on the way.

This happened about four days into my husband’s R&R after an 8 week hitch, and I’m so glad he was home. Long before he got home we had discussed the need to have more life insurance, if the worst should ever happen and also that we should probably have a will and name legal guardians for our children. Due to all these boring things we have to do as responsible adults, my mind spent a lot of time wandering through the dark tangles of “what-ifs” and worst-case scenarios.

But let me back up and explain what this has to do with the oilfield.  My widowed friend moved here from another state for her husband to take a job. Something about relocating a family for a good job really reminds me of our contemplating a move to Alaska and the reason our house is on the market.  She had made friends here and joined a church and a homeschool group but ultimately when she got the call about her husband she had to wait for her family to get here to be with her. Something about her situation really resonated with me as all my family is here in New Mexico or nearby.  Actually, my family seems to be gradually leaving the area and the ones who are still here don’t speak to me, but I digress.   The important thing is that my support system is here.  I know that I know enough people here that in a true dire emergency I would have help.  If we are going to continue to work this job, I have to have people around that I can count on if the stuff hits the fan.

I mentioned to my husband that I couldn’t imagine facing a funeral, selling a house, relocating BACK to my home state all by myself.   So, basically, that settles that.  We took our house off the market and think we’ll stay a while.  The commuting from here to Alaska sucks, no question, but even if we moved to Anchorage, it would only gain us a few days per each R&R.  He would still be working 800 miles from our home.   The truth of the matter, though, is that our house was not likely to sell in a reasonable amount of time due to it being a difficult property to get conventional financing for and we figured, “Hey, we’re in a good school district and our friends are close, there are worse places to live.”

What about all of you who have relocated for the oilfield?  Best decision? Worst?  A fun adventure making new friends or do you miss your people back home?

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Rheanna is a stay-at-home mom to two children. She is a lifetime resident of New Mexico and her Oilfield Man works on the North Slope of Alaska, averaging 4 weeks on and 2 off. In her previous life she was a bookkeeper and boiler technician for her father’s plumbing company. She enjoys hiking, horseback riding, motorsports and pretending not to kill her garden. Cooking is a favorite past time, but unfortunately a lifelong allergy to crafting supplies and a debilitating ineptitude with a glue gun prevent her from spending too much time on Pinterest.

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