They are wrong about me and you

They are wrong about me and you.It feels like more than ever our country is divided on so many issues.  It is disagreements on everything from the Duggar family, Trayvon Martin, police brutality, 99%, 1%, liberals, conservatives, Christians, or gay marriage.  The biggest problem isn’t that we believe or see things differently; it is that we are making sweeping generalizations about large segments in society and believing them to be true.  We stop seeing that we are talking about real people and start seeing one big group.   All of a sudden they all think the same thing.  When we think about individual people we see differences.  When we start looking at a group and not people, it is easy to pile on the hatred and judgment.  Maybe the jealousy even starts to seep in.

I’m tired of hearing that because I’m a Christian, I hate others who aren’t like me or I don’t believe in science.  Because my beliefs in government and finances align more so with conservatives does not mean I hate people in need or don’t believe in women’s rights.  As I thought more about this, I got angry at how people were judging me.  Then I stopped and realized that at times, I do this to the people who believe opposite of me.

We need to stop thinking that people who are different all are a certain way.  If I can love Jesus and not hate people with a different sexual preference than myself, I can also believe that maybe not every Muslim wants to be a terrorist.  Not every white person is a racist.  Not every black person wants to hurt our police force.  We are all individuals with our own beliefs, fears, loves, and hurt.

Not all men are sexist, selfish, or closed off emotionally.  In the same way, not all women are overly emotional and incapable of making logical decisions.  Some women enjoy working outside of the home and can be the bread-winner.  Some women feel fulfilled and love being at home with their children, but not all.  The ever-despised top 1% of income earners don’t all work on Wall Street and drive luxury vehicles.  Some of them pay more than their fair share to the government and have unglamorous jobs like plumbing or installing sprinkler systems.

As the presidential election heats up, the rhetoric will as well.  Before you pick up your pitchfork and go on a witch hunt, remember that you are looking at real people.  It is a group of people who may not align perfectly with others who are like them.  As much as social media or the talking heads on various news channels would like us to believe that people with opposing views are all a particular way, it simply isn’t true.

I’m here to say that you can love Jesus and not judge others.  You can be a conservative and still be passionate about serving the needs of others.  I can believe that it is not the government’s job to decide who can and cannot marry.  I can be a real estate agent who puts my clients first and is honest.  You won’t hear that on certain news channels or on social media.  If I can be different from what people believe me to be, then maybe you can as well.

Can you imagine what our country could look like if we offered a little more grace, understanding, and a whole lot less judgement with each other?  It could be amazing and beautiful.

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