How did I get here?

How did I get here-Do you ever stop and look around and think, “How on earth did I get here?”

I am in my mid-thirties and living in Alaska! How did this happen!? I still feel like a 19-year-old just starting out in the world. (Well, minus the aches and pains and wrinkles.) Where has the time gone? Time has actually flown by, and sometimes I can’t remember the whys and hows of how we got here in life. I’ve been married 12 years to my Hot Oil Man husband and we have two (half-grown) kids. When did that happen?! Did I blink? Of course I remember having them, and when they were babies… but it seems like a lifetime ago that we were freshly married and living in our cracker-box house in Northern Colorado. What crazy series of events lead us here? How can memories seem like they were a million years ago instead of just yesterday?

I think part of the reason our past is such a blur is because we live our life in two-week hitches.  This can be highly stressful, and that can cause time to go by more quickly… or at least go by unevenly. My HOM’s time at home can fly by when we’re traveling or having fun, while a stressful two weeks at home when he’s gone can seem never-ending. And once in while, if there’s been some arguing or head-butting, his time at home can seem longer, too. This can have strange effects on our personal space-time continuum, causing holes and blurry places in our past memories when time seemed to be spinning out of control.

Looking back, I don’t think in my wildest dreams that I ever thought I would end up as a homeschooling oilfield wife in Alaska. Our life has been one huge adventure and a big component in that adventure is the oilfield. If my husband wasn’t employed in the oilfield, we would not be living in Alaska, which means we would not be homeschooling, which means we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do a lot of the traveling and memory-making that we have been able to do. It’s a big chain reaction.

So….when I stop and ask myself, “How did I get here?” I guess the answer is, “Because of the Oilfield.” Along with all the negative aspects of our life – the crazy schedule, the stress, the loneliness – there is also a plethora of blessings included – adventure, freedom, and family time.

The biggest contributor in all of that is the oilfield.

About jenna

Jenna has been an oilfield wife for over 12 years. Her Hot Oil Man husband started working in the oilfield a few months before they were married. The oilfield has lead them all the way from Northern CO to Alaska, where they've lived in the Matanuska Valley for 4 years. The family consists of their two children; a strong-willed daughter age 10, and a goofy son age 7. And of course what family would be complete without a couple of dogs and rabbits thrown in the mix. Jenna is a stay at home mom who doesn't “stay at home” much, and enjoys gardening, baking, reading, watching movies, four wheeling, hiking, fishing, and LOVES shopping. Since moving to the last frontier they have also started home schooling, which is another adventure all it’s own.

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