The Real Men of the Oilfield

The real men of the oilfieldThere is a side of the oilfield that most people don’t hear about.  It isn’t discussed openly, you won’t read about it, and people won’t talk about it at the water cooler.  It is a bit of a secret really and it is one I want you to know.  I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.  I’m spilling the juicy details about what oilfield men do every day.  All of the stories are true and names have been left out to protect the guilty.

These are their stories…

Today an oilfield man will have a hellish day at work.  It will be nonstop and busy.  In the few minutes he has for a break, he will call his significant other.  He will send her a funny picture via text because no matter how bad of a day he has, he loves to make her laugh.

Today an oilfield man will wake up exhausted and go in for another shift.  He won’t complain.

Today an oilfield man will work a night shift and then drive home.  He will get less than three hours of sleep before his next shift.  He will do this because someone in his family is having an important event.  He will come home for that doctor’s appointment, dance recital, birthday party, or simply because he needs to see his wife.

Today an oilfield man will leave location and drop off a handwritten note in the mail for his love because he wants her to feel special.  He may get her a sentimental gift online.  He will show his loved ones how much he cares even if he can’t be at home.

Today an oilfield man will start his days off.  He will be so tired and yet look at his wife and say, “what can I do to make your day better?”

Today an oilfield man will make some hard decisions.  He will choose doing the right thing over anything else, even when it means more work or upsetting others.  This man has character and integrity and it shows in his actions.

Today a manly oilfield man will sit down and do something silly with his children.  He will paint toenails and have a tea party.  He will play catch and wipe tears.  He will have a dance party in the kitchen.

Today an oilfield man will open a safety meeting by leading a prayer.  He will be a positive role model to those around him and share God’s love.

Today an oilfield man will give away some of his hard-earned oilfield cash to someone in need.  He feels that it is his duty to help others, so he will.

Today an oilfield man will act selfless.  He will put the needs of his wife and children before his own.

These are the real men of the oilfield.

We don’t often hear about the real men of the oilfield because the scum bags steal the spotlight.  The good guys deserve some love and appreciation for who they are and what they do.  Thank you to my husband and all other oilfield men who go out of their way to live right and love others.  My oilman likes to use the quote, “Do right and bear the consequences” by Sam Houston.  These men get to bear the consequences of their actions and it leads to a whole lot of deserved awesomeness.

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  1. I have met some oilfield men like this. Often they don’t get talked about because they are upstanding, reliable, and safe employees. Unfortunately they seem to be far and few between at least in the construction end. Out of a crew of 75 I can say I probably have 4/5.

    • I couldn’t have said it better my oilfield man has worked his ass off for the last 7 years he works hard and he does it for his family. They work whether it’s 40 below or 103 outside they still bust their ass every day my little man. My oilfield man worked 28 days straight and he’s off for 14 and the sad thing about it on August 7th it’s his birthday and he has to work and that sucks they missed holidays some of them even miss Christmas and Thanksgiving so it’s not about how much money they make in the good life that they live they bust their ass EVERY DAY. I LOVE MY OILFIELD MAN

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