What You Need to Know (and your oilfield husband won’t tell you)

What You Need to Know (and your oilfield husband won't tell you)  #realoilfieldwivesI was ready to go to bat for each of you, fellow oilfield wives.  I had the hard-hitting questions ready and was eager to enlighten all of you with my new found information.  With not a hint of playfulness, I sat down with my husband and started asking him the questions we all want to know…

What does your oilfield husband want you to know, but is too afraid to tell you?  The answers may surprise you!

There was no reason to start out with little unnecessary questions; I was prepared to get to the meaty part already.  Get ready to be enlightened by all of the incredible information I have found out for you.  You are seriously are going to want to sit, because this information will shock you.

Here are the questions I so bravely asked my husband that I share with you as it was told to me.

Question #1:  What are the things that other men talk to each other about in the field that their wives need to know?

Oilman’s Answer:  We don’t really talk about our feelings with each other.

Is your mind already blown with the fact that our husbands do not talk about feelings with each other?  Yeah, mine isn’t either.

Question #2:  I’ve read so many posts shared through the Real Oilfield Wives Facebook page about the marital struggles other couples are going through.  What do you think the husbands need that they aren’t getting from home?  What advice would you give the oilfield wives on how to better love their men?

Oilman’s Answer:  We really are simple creatures.  What do we need?  I guess we are typically hungry, horny, or sleepy.

There you have it ladies.  At any given time your husband needs a nap, some lovin’, or a sandwich.  My questions are longer than the actual responses I received.  It probably was not the best timing to ask him these questions during the middle of a 20-day hitch, but I attempted it anyway.  Ask a woman these same questions and you would get an 8 page dissertation.  Maybe that just even proves Oilman’s points even more; they are simple, while we are not.

What do you need to know that you oilfield husband won’t tell you?  Nothing really.

I tried ladies, I honestly did.  Don’t all thank me at once for providing you with information you already knew.  You’re welcome.

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