Oilfield Worker Appreciation Day

12 Reasons Why Oilfield Workers Deserve Appreciation #OilfieldWorkerAppreciationDay #realoilfieldwivesI declare today, Oilfield Worker Appreciation Day.  Write this day down.  It’s a new thing and we are going to start it.  #OilfieldWorkerAppreciation is happening on this very day folks.

Have you ever looked to see all the “special” days we have in the US?  We celebrate all kinds of important things in this beautiful country of ours, things like National Hot Dog Day.  Because everyone knows that hot dogs deserve to be celebrated.  We have the ever important cook a sweet potato day!  ‘Ole sweet potatoes just never receive the love they deserve.  There is a Mario day for all of you Super Mario Bros. fans.  If you happen to be a gardening fanatic then you will want to know that 2015 is the year of the soils!  Doesn’t everyone find soil just fascinating?  I don’t actually; I tend to kill things in soil.  While all of these things we are celebrating are super important (hot dogs?), I felt that the men (and some women, t00) working in the oilfield deserved some love and appreciation.

So today, I’m declaring today #OilfieldWorkerAppreciationDay because of many valid reasons.  Reasons I shall discuss below and I think you will agree.

  1. They have helped with a teeny tiny thing called AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE.
  2. Taxes.  You are welcome America.  Many oilfield families pay a ton of taxes to the good ‘ole IRS.  Whether you are in the 99% or 1%, if you work in the oilfield, you get to pay a lot of taxes.  Yes, there are people in the 1% who work out in the oilfield.
  3. They make chemical resistant work boots look good.
  4. You worked 40 hours this week? That’s cute.  Oilfield workers do that in 3 days.  All those hours put in are why we have #2.
  5. They make fire retardant clothing look sexy.
  6. From the trucks they drive, hotels they stay in, and the mom and pop restaurants they dine in, oilfield workers have helped stimulate local economies all over the world.
  7. They believe in the American dream, which means that if you are willing to work hard, then you can be successful.  People of all races, ages, and educational levels can see success in the oilfield.
  8. They are selfless.  A lot of oilfield workers put in the work and effort not for them, but because of a deep desire to give their families opportunity they may not have had for themselves.
  9. They brave dangerous working environments like foreign countries and off-shore rigs.
  10. They deal with extreme temperatures and weather.
  11. They work in dangerous environments with high pressure and explosives.
  12. Last but certainly not least, many oilfield workers are great at finding the most exceptional women to have as wives and girlfriends.  We are called oilfield wives and we kick a little ass.

Did I miss anything?  What reasons do you have for celebrating my new made up holiday #OilfieldWorkerAppreciationDay? Crack open a bottle of beer and throw a steak on the grill, because it is time to celebrate these amazing people!


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  1. Brady Yevins says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for this post. A

  2. here2steer says:

    #8 is as true as it gets. Yes all of the others are accurate, but all of us try to do our best to benefit others in our lives. It is a good feeling to be able to pay your bills, your kids school, and give others the benefits you never had. Yes there is sacrifice and our whole family is affected, but that is why its not for everyone. That doesn’t make us better or worse than anyone it simply makes us who we are.

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