Pity Party

Pity PARTY! Join us! #realoilfieldwives If you are wondering why I’m wearing pajama bottoms at 4:27 in the afternoon, it is because I’m hosting my own pity party.  You are invited to come and join in the sadness if you want.  I feel it is important to disclose you should tread lightly as my patience has worn thin and I’m feeling a bit sensitive.

Earlier today the mental storm clouds started rolling in.  My heart and mind came together with an impromptu pep rally.  I tried to cheer myself up to the best of my abilities, but it didn’t work.  So here I am all pitiful.  Feel free to join in on the festivities or host your own extravaganza.

My request from you is PLEASE do not think about crossing my threshold and muttering something along the lines of:  God has a plan for you, this too shall pass, or just think positive.  Should my delicate ears hear anything resembling, “To everything there is a season…” the end result will be you getting stabbed with a pencil.  Don’t try to say something similar to one of the sayings referenced above.  I’ve already tried giving myself a pep talk multiple times and I KNOW ALL OF THIS already, please save your breath.

Sometimes I get tired of being optimistic and strong.  Every once in a while I’m going to crumble, cry, and shut out the world for a little bit.  The world is great, but occasionally it beats me down and hurts my feelings.  There are times when I become fully depleted from everyone around me needing something and feeling like I can never do enough.  I’m shutting down for the time being and the “CLOSED” sign is now hung on the door.

You may be wondering what I’m doing for the rest of the day.  You cock your eyebrow in confusion when I tell you I’m busy.  I AM BUSY coordinating my pity party.  My packed schedule includes, but is not limited to: taking a bath, crying, drinking a glass of wine, and/or getting more emotional.  Next, will be taking my sorrows and wallowing around in it for a little while.  I will eat something unhealthy then get into the bed and binge watch something on TV.  It may be “Sex and the City” or “Gilmore Girls”, I haven’t decided as of yet.  Phone calls will not be accepted during this time.  There are no exceptions to the phone call rule; however this girl reserves the right to change her mind as she sees fit.  If you decide to make a comment on my appearance, anything other than how beautiful I look will not be responded to well.  I’m well aware that I do not look great after crying, but just humor me today.  Thou shall not awaken me from thy slumber.  Seriously, let me sleep.

I know that I should probably go take a walk, do yoga, or clean my house; however I’m all out of effort for the time being.  All of those items require energy (which I no longer possess at the moment) and television watching does not.

Men, it is entirely possible the pity party is your fault, but many times it has nothing to do with you.  I know you hate these times and will do everything in your power to fix the situation.  The truth is that there is no fixing.  Pity parties are much like food poisoning; you must simply let it run its course.

Tomorrow when I wake up with my puffy cried out eyes, I will put on my big girl panties and go back to attempting all of the things.  Don’t be surprised when you hear me say something uber positive about a glass being half-full.  I will be considerate of others and get back to the grind with all of my obligations.  As for right now, I’m done with everything and going to retreat for a bit.  Excuse me world, I have some crying, eating, drinking, sleeping, and television watching to do.  It’s pity party time.

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