Love and Christmas

Love and Christmas #realoilfieldwives #holidays #loveI have always loved Christmas.  As I child, I would start waking my parents up at 3 AM to see if it was time to see what  Santa had brought.  They would finally give in about 4:30 or 5 AM.  Still to this day, the Christmas season makes me incredibly happy.

As of this moment, I’m drinking a warm cup of freshly ground coffee while staring at my cozy fire in the fireplace.  The Christmas lights on my tree and mantle set off a soft warm glow so that I don’t even need any other lights.  The scent of my Christmas candle keeps wafting my way.  What is not to love?  For whatever reason, (maybe it is the cheesy Christmas movies I keep watching on the Hallmark channel) I get nostalgic around Christmas.  I think back to memories around Christmas with my family and when I had a date with the man who would become my husband.

On a December 23rd almost 10 years ago, I went on my first date with Oilman.  While I had known him both professionally and as friends for over a year, we were both finally single and he had asked me out on a date.  We are from the same small town, but at this point Oilman was living and working 8 hours away in Louisiana.  During this season in my life, dating was getting a little difficult.  I had just gotten out of two back-to-back relationships with men who were really great at putting their own needs before mine.  I had been cheated on both physically and emotionally.  I was tired of being hurt and I guarded my heart more than ever.  I was starting to believe that real men like my Dad didn’t really exist anymore.  Where were the men who have the ability to care about others, love Jesus, and have integrity?

It was pouring rain when Oilman picked me up.  I stood on my front porch staring at the big puddle of water forming between the porch and his pickup.  How on earth was I going to get into his huge truck without getting completely wet?  Before I could come up with a plan, Oilman hoisted me up by my waist and plopped me down in the passenger seat.  This was something I wasn’t expecting and I screamed, loudly.  Male chivalry was still alive, even though I hadn’t been anticipating being tossed in the front seat.  I wouldn’t know until a few months down the road that Oilman was the one for me, but the night before Christmas Eve was the start of something special.  Our love story has never been perfect and it has had its bumps, but I finally found a real man.  Real men are the ones who put the needs of their family before their own.  They aren’t afraid to show their feelings, work hard, and will make the right decisions, which aren’t always the easy ones.

As I watch my cheesy Christmas movies and see the two characters fall in love, I can’t help but think of my own story.  In the movies it is couples dressed up in fancy outfits in a carriage out in the snow.  For me, it was a rainstorm, a diesel pickup truck, and a man in cowboy boots driving 8 hours to take me on a date.

I hope your Christmas season is filled with love.



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  1. This gave me a smile and reminded me how my oilman flew on a plane to take me on a date. Things you need to be reminded of sometimes! Cute story LC

  2. Thanks Kristen! It sounds like you have got yourself a great man as well. Blessings in 2016!

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