I Miss the Oilfield

I never, ever – in a million years – thought I would say these four, simple words (and mean it so much), but…I miss the oilfield. I do. I miss it so much, for so many reasons. I miss being part of something bigger. I miss being part of that family. I miss being part […]

Things I’ve Learned Since My Husband Took a Job 4,000 Miles Away

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my husband accepted his job working 4,000 miles away in Alaska. In this past year, our oldest started and finished kindergarten, we put our house on the market (twice), and we moved into a different house 4 miles down the road.  It feels almost normal now […]

I Can’t Mom Today

Dear Children- Sorry boys, I know I’m a crappy person, but I can’t mom today.  I simply can’t do it. Maybe it’s the PMS, maybe it’s the phase of the moon, maybe it’s that we are only halfway through daddy’s hitch, but today I couldn’t get it together to be the mother you both need […]

Tired, Frazzled Moms Will Relate to ‘Blank Space’ Parody

I’m tired. I like Starbucks {maybe more than I should}, and I might even like Taylor Swift. I can relate to the WhatsUpsMoms parody of “Blank Space” a little too much, other than I don’t look that polished and cute first thing in the morning… or ever. I just returned home after dragging my two […]

Don’t Make Me Call Your Father!

If you’re an oilfield wife with kids, I’m almost certain you’ve had to resort to ‘Daddy threats’. Why are kids so fearful of their father’s wrath? Especially when daddy is out in the field? I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked…..told…. screamed at my kids to do their homework….take out the trash…..feed […]

The Great Pinterest Roundup: Funny Animals

It’s been a heavy week. When I am having a hard time finding my sense of humor, I know I can always turn to Pinterest. Whether it’s eCards, or damnyouautocorrect.com, or dog shaming, I know I will find something that makes me laugh so hard I cry. Or pee my pants. It doesn’t really take […]

ROW Pinterest Round-Up {A Day in the Life}

I went through my pinterest boards and put together what I think is an accurate representation of a day in the life of an oilfield wife. Or, maybe just a day in my life! If you’re not following me on Pinterest, you should be. I mean, look at some of the awesome things I pin! […]

Disciplining Children From Afar

Do you tell your husband, who is hundreds or even thousands of miles away, when your kid gets a color change at school? My husband is gone Monday through Friday each week, and he’s never more than a phone call away, but for the past 6 years, I have struggled daily with whether or not […]

How to Be a Fit Oilfield Mom

The husband leaves for work and with him goes all my desire and motivation to go to the gym. Wait, who am I kidding? I haven’t been to the gym since May! At first, I blamed it on summer and having the kids home, which is totally dumb because my older two are old enough […]

Managing the Kids While the Husband is Away

How many times has someone told you, “I don’t know how you do it!” and you just laugh it off and say it’s not that bad. What they don’t know is that you are quite possibly on the verge of a breakdown because you forgot to send Henry’s lunch to school, Sally ran to the […]