Defining Yourself

“Hi! This is Ashley, Ryan’s wife.” “Good Morning! This is Ashley, Ani’s mom.” …I do this all the time: making phone calls, running into people at the grocery store I seldom see, introducing myself to strangers, making appointments, and so on. It never fails. Why do I feel the need to place a title with […]

That Time We *Almost* Got Divorced

It’s a time we don’t necessarily bring up at family gatherings, or giggle about when reminiscing about our past together (like that one time in an elevator in Vegas). Sure, we think about it, but we rarely ever talk about it. My heart literally shudders at the mere recollection of words spoken between us once […]

It Isn’t Fun Anymore

“Trying is the fun part!!” she said smiling as she tried to find the right words to say. Truth is, there are no right words to say sometimes. I smiled back, “yeah,” I muttered, and then I walked away. Today marks the start of cycle 16; sixteen long, heart-wrenching months of trying for baby no.2. […]

25 Things Oilfield Wives [Never Thought They’d] Say

There are articles floating all around the internet focusing on topics like “15 Things Moms of Boys Say”, or “10 Things Moms of Girls Want You To Know.” Enter the oilfield wives. Have you ever said something to your oilfield man and then thought to yourself “…did I really just say that?!” Yes, yes you […]

What if He Falls in Love?

This question is, unfortunately, asked frequently. Women wondering if their hardworking man is cheating, ready to leave, or has fallen in love with someone else. Each situation different, but eerily similar, and each heartbreaking to read. Each story starts by noticing a change in him. He’s short on the phone and calling less often. He […]

The Other Side of the Oilfield

It has been just over two months since my husband left the oilfield to take a job with the railroad. It seems much longer than that. Much longer. Have our lives really changed that much in 9 short weeks?! It seems so long ago. He’s kept in touch with his crew. We’ve worried about them, […]

An Open Letter To My Husband’s Ex-Girlfriends

Dear Ex-Girlfriends of my Husband, Yes, this is awkward. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why in the world is she writing to me? What could she possibly have to say?” A lot, actually. Don’t worry! I’m not here to call you out, or say bad things. I’m not going to put you down, or judge you. […]

Rediscovering Him

I know I’m not the only wife who has felt like she has a stranger in her bed. After weeks of being away from one another, while it’s amazingly nice, there is an odd sense of awkwardness in the air. Ok, I also admit that it’s also incredibly hot (what have I got to hide?). […]


Tonight was special. Extra special. Tonight our beautiful girl watched fireworks for the first time. It wasn’t her first holiday, it wasn’t her first fair, and it wasn’t her first fireworks show. It was, however, the first time she faced something really scary and was brave enough to do it anyway. You might be wondering […]

When the Husband is Away…

…The wife will play. And by play I mean re-design the entire house. What else is a wife to do when she has 3 weeks to herself (not!)? She’d like to think she has three weeks to herself while her husband is thousands of miles away training, but reality is she still has a child, […]