Goodbye, Oilfield

Last Thursday, 5:30 a.m., I got the phone call from my husband letting me know he was coming home. For good. And just like that, our lives in the oilfield were over. Looking back, everything went out as quickly as it came in. Four and a half years ago, we went into this life with […]

War of the Wives

A little while ago I came across an oilfield apparel site that offers some cute, and creative, oilfield shirts for oilfield wives. One of them happened to be displayed on their Facebook page to promote the site. I forget the exact wording, but it basically read something to the extent of “Oilfield life is tough, […]


We’re at a crossroads. We could be nearing the end of our oilfield journey, and we’ve got some major decisions to make. I find myself feeling the exact same way at the end as I felt in the beginning…uncertain. Is this the right decision? Do we stay or do we go? What is best for […]

Boy, You Done Pissed Off an Oilfield Wife

Mr. Tankersley, I regret to inform you that you, unfortunately, have infuriated an Oilfield Wife. You’ve happened to catch me on a bad day, and I happen to have an outlet. The keyboard is blaring fire beneath my fingertips and while I plan on staying classy, I can almost guarantee my emotions will take over […]

The Great Things About Oilfield Kids

Raising children is undoubtedly one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It is also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you’ll ever do. Parents today are feeling the pressure to raise kiddos in a very judgmental, vigilant world. Not that our parents didn’t feel the heat as well, we’re just feeling it […]

How to Love an Oilfield Wife

My Oilfield Man and I just celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary! Five years! That seems so crazy to me! Didn’t we just get engaged last week? What a crazy 5 years it has been, indeed! It’s got me all in love and stuff. He came home on our actual anniversary and we’ve been busy making […]

Cooking for the Masses

Cooking and baking happens to be one of my favorite hobbies. Sure, it isn’t the best hobby for my waistline, but it has a way of calming me. I always try to pass my dishes along to neighbors, friends, or family members, but they always have something I seem to lack: self-control. So, I end […]

Don’t Touch My Stuff!

Let’s take a minute or two to talk about something that we all [kind of/sort of] dread but don’t talk about: The Transition Home. I know. I know. We never ever think about our oilfield men coming home in a negative way. After all, we wait (and wait, and wait, and wait) for the time […]

Your Wives Are Equals

When I wrote the post titled “I Quit” I expected those who commented on it to actually read it first. It became clear to me fairly quickly that not all who had something to say about it did. Fact #1: No, I did not leave my husband because of his job. Fact #2: No, I […]

Waiting For You

Dearest Husband, I know you wonder what I’m doing here while you’re away, because I wonder too. I wonder if you’re thinking about me. I wonder if you’re safe. I wonder if you miss me like I miss you. I think about how your day is going, and fantasize about what we would be doing […]