About brandy

Brandy met and fell in love with her oilfield man on his days off in 2008. They have a "his, mine and ours" family with five kids who range in age from early teen to infant. She holds down the fort as a stay­at­home­mom in their hometown of Salt Lake City, UT while her oilfield man is hard at work in the Bakken, six months out of the year. The other six months are spent together as a family (and once in a while, as a couple) hunting, camping, fishing, taking vacations, playing games (video and board), watching zombie flicks, and cooking. On the rare occasion she isn’t planning, budgeting and running kids around, her favorite pastimes include good books, putting thoughts down in writing, getting dirt under her nails in the garden and creating beautiful/fun sewing projects.

No Fear.

I am a frightened child, cowering in the dark, although you’d never know that from the outside looking in. It has taken years of practice, countless tries and failures, but for the most part I have soothed that scared little girl into at least acting like a grown woman. On the outside, I present a […]

Spending Time Together

Nothing makes me happier than setting time aside for my best friend and I to have an adventure together. No, I don’t mean sipping lattes with my best girlfriend and cruising the mall. I’m talking about time with my favorite person in the whole entire world -my oilfield man! Hitch after hitch, spending weeks apart […]

Blended Families and the Oilfield

This oilfield life we’ve chosen isn’t always easy. Some days it can be downright challenging. On the flip side, it also has many rewards. I believe the harder the challenges, the greater the reward. That’s what makes being part of an oilfield family so worthwhile. Having a blended family is similar; extremely challenging yet, richly […]