A Birthday Wish

Today is my baby girl’s 9th birthday. Where has the time gone?! In the blink of the eye she has gone from chubby little baby, to tall graceful young lady. She’s silly, sassy, and smart  – and I’m honored to be her mother. I try not to have regrets and I try not to spend […]

Irritated Oilfield Mom

I’m grumpy and really irritable lately. I don’t know if it’s because my husband worked an extra week on his most recent hitch, or if the 24 hour daylight (and less sleep) is making me cranky, or if I’m PMSing, or if I’m just getting grouchy in my old age. But whatever the reason – I am grumpy, and […]

The Different Types of Soccer Moms

The definition of a soccer mom is a mom whose life is controlled by soccer. Her weekdays are spent at practices, weekends are spent at games, and any “free” time in between is spent loading/unloading gear, washing uniforms, and packing snacks.  There’s also tournaments and skills camps, plus hours of driving thrown into the mix […]

I need a break from Summer Break!

I thought “Summer Beak” meant that you get a break. But apparently I was wrong.   At least moms don’t get breaks.  My family has been super duper busy. Every day. Every single day. Between horse camp, swimming lessons, library summer reading program, play-dates at the park, going on school field trips…it simply doesn’t end! […]

Blame it on the Oilfield

There was a 3.4 earthquake in my old hometown in Colorado a couple days ago. Earthquakes are rare there, but not completely unheard of.  To my knowledge there was no injuries and no damage.  Most people that felt it didn’t even know what it was, and it was over before they new what happened. My […]

Ode to an Oil Man

My Hot Oil Man (my husband) is the hardest working man I know. And not just because he works in the Oilfield, his hard work and work ethic is just part of who he is. But he, just like all OF workers,  sacrifice themselves daily for the better of their families. Yes, there are plenty […]

It’s time to Let Go…of Frozen

There’s an epidemic going around…..it’s called FROZEN!  I like ‘Frozen’ as much as the next guy, but I have to admit I am sick and tired of it.  I always enjoy the Disney Princess movies, more than any of their other animated movies, but if I have to hear the songs from Frozen one more […]

Neighbors – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Neighbors – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The “good”part would be receiving home-baked goodies, the “bad” is the lack of privacy, and the “ugly” is….well, I’ll address that later where I mention closing drapes.  One thing everyone has in common is NEIGHBORS.  Unless you live out in the middle of nowhere without a […]

Family Blues

One negative aspect about being an oilfield wife is the “Family Blues” – being away from family.  Not just being away from your husband/significant other (although that is another drawback, of course I miss my Hot Oil Man when he’s at work) but I mean being away from the rest of your family.  If you’ve […]

Kids say the Darndest Stuff

My kids. Oh my goodness, they are entertaining. Here are a few of their  recent “funnies”…. Son (just turned 6) runs downstairs in nothing but his briefs on the morning of his birthday and yells, “It’s my birthday…so I’m going to wear my birthday suit!” Daughter (8 yrs old) runs to me all upset, “MOM! […]