The Mythical, Magical New Years Eve

I can remember it vividly as a child, I was spending the night at a friend’s house.  I was about 10 years old watching the ball drop in New York City on television.  Everything was so glamorous and magical on New Year’s Eve.  Movies only confirmed this to me as an adolescent.  If the movies […]


And lovin’ an oilman Ain’t always what it’s supposed to be Oh, girl, you stand by me I’m forever yours Faithfully My rough and tough Oilman was serenading me in a voicemail.  He took it upon himself to change some of the lyrics and he sang “Faithfully” to me.  I ate it up like it […]

Get Prepared

I think each one of us is watching oil prices as they dip lower.  The average American is excited about the low price at the pump.  Oilfield families know that low prices at the pump could mean job loss.  What scares me even more is that if the oilfield slows down, the US economy will […]

Just Keeping It Real

This post is dedicated to the ladies who have spent the whole day smiling with spinach in their teeth, a nipple peeking out of a swimsuit, the back of your dress tucked into panties, or foreign objects hanging out of a nostril.  You’re awesome. If you ever hear me bragging about being humble (because Jesus […]

Stop Judging, Start Loving

Why do we do this to each other as women?  I’ve done it.  I’m sure you’ve done it.  We take something that has happened, put it through our own filter of personal experiences and think someone has wronged us or doesn’t understand us.  We are OFFENDED.  We are going to let them know about it. […]

Oilfield Infertility

Ladies, I’m penning a new medical term today.  First, you must know that my background includes zero medical schooling or experience. Obviously, I’m a good choice to be creating my own medical terminology. My new term:  Oilfield Infertility. Oilfield Infertility:  where one struggles to get pregnant while husband is in the oilfield.  Primary difficulty is […]